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What is Psychology?

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page paper giving a brief overview of this science. The writer describes various psychological methods, as well as mentioning leaders in the field of psychology. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses the topic question by tracing the contributions psychology has made to understanding the memory, learning and behavior. The writer offers examples of the work done and the insight gained, including the most recent theories on intelligence and learning. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

History of Psychology

  • 14 page paper

An 14 page paper that answers specific questions in regards to the history and development of psychology. This paper utilizes a number of texts to produce answers to questions ranging from the Gestalt psychologists to the hisotry of cognitive science. 4 sources are cited in bibliography.

This 8 page paper investigates the history of psychology from the ancients to current times. The influence of early medicine, science and philosophy are discussed briefly. Attention is given to the evolution of psychology since the mid-1800s. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Psychological Testing

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page research paper that includes references to the Code of Ethics as published by the American Psychological Association, comments by psychologists and examples of studies in which the ethics of the researchers were questioned. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 8 page research paper describes the history of systems of psychology from Structuralism through post-Freudianism. The theorists most often associated with the origin of each system and the approximate date along with a brief description of the major tenets of the system are offered. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Concepts in Psychology

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page paper provides an overview of specific psychological concepts in three separate sections. One talks about different types of psychologists inclusive of the Freudian psychologist and the object relations therapist. The second section compares the learning and psychodynamic approaches, and looks at positive and negative aspects of each and the third section ...

A 5 page discussion of the attributes of the naturalistic qualitative approach to research. Emphasizes that this approach is one which is complimentary to other types of research methodologies, now exclusionary. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 6 page research paper that examines the ways in which scientific research is conducted, focusing on the qualitative and quantitative approaches. The writer defines each and then gives examples of leisure research to illustrate their different strengths and weaknesses. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Science of Psychology?

  • 6 page paper

This is a 6 page paper that evaluates the claim that psychology is not a science. It examines the 'duality theory' and the 'machine' theory in respect to their impact on this argument. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

5 page discussion of popular Freudian ideas. Writer uses personal experiences to assess them (examples of how such things as Freud's "id," "fixations," and "personality-based reactions" etc; have persisted throughout the author's life). Bibliography lists 3 sources.

7 pages in length. Similar to 'Freud.wps,' this paper also includes a brief biography in its first 1-2 pages which is then complemented by analysis of Freudian concepts. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

15 pages in length. Depending upon which discipline one subscribes to, there exist a number of theoretical principles with regard to psychology. Indeed, while there is not merely one psychological affliction, there is also not just one source of available treatment; rather, for each mental plight there are various techniques by which to ...

This 6 page paper explores the philosophical concept of pragmatism and links it with modern psychology. Several theories are discussed including control theory, reality therapy, and personal construct theory.Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 15 page paper that provides an overview of Freud's theories about psychosexual development based on the work Sexuality and the Psychology of Love. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 4 page paper that discusses the major schools of psychological thought and supports Freud's pschoanalysis as the most influential and effective. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

12 pages in length. A comprehensive overview of numerous Freudian concepts. The writer goes into a relevant explication of "Civilization and Its Discontents' throughout much of this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

A 15 page essay that discusses Freud's last Metapsychological essay, Civilization and Its Discontents. Besides providing a general overview of the essay, the writer discusses modern society compared to the society of Freud's time; democracy, and technology and its effects on civilization. Each topic is related to Freud's comments. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A thorough 8 page explication of Freud's "Civilization & Its Discontents" in which the writer highlights the Purpose of Civilization, Paradox of Sexuality, Consequences of Conflict, and more. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of Freud's work, and then reflects upon Freud's evidence and argument supporting social amnesia.

A 20 page comprehensive and detailed explication of Sigmund Freud's theories and work relating to the nature of dreams.

Freud's Dream Theories

  • 7 page paper

Approximately 7 pages in length. Analytical discussion of Freud's theories on dreams, psychodynamic therapy etc;. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses this historic and ground-breaking book by Freud. The writer provides specific examples of dreams Freud considered to be typical as well as a brief list of symbolic objects found in dreams and what they mean.

The Meaning of Dreams

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page research paper which examines the symbolism behind dream imagery examining both the current literature and the classical Freudian interpretation. The writer proposes that a study which examines whether or not dream imagery symbols change over time would be a legitimate topic for research. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

A 12 page research paper that investigates Freud's perception of the human personality. Among the topics discussed are: the unconscious and the conscious, defense mechanisms, the Id, Ego and Superego and their relationship to the unconscious and the conscious, the origins of repression and the libido. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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