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Since 1994 The Paper Store has been providing quality academic services to students of all ages spanning the globe. We are the leading U.S. company in researching and writing and have been trusted by millions of students seeking assistance in dozens of countries.

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Receive professional research and real academic writing minus the plagiarism. Be sure to only use a website owned by The Paper Store. Companies have tried to duplicate what we do, however always fall short. Some use papers written by students, while others hire freelance writers with no academic training or schooling.

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Trusting a company that advertises or sells custom written work written by untrained or non-academic writers from other countries and paying them sub-par wages per page only leads to several things: Poor Quality, Late Deliveries and Plagiarism. Some of these services even acknowledge using sources such as Wikipedia.

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We field complaints via email and telephone everyday in our office from students that have trusted a website without ever speaking to someone and have been ripped off on a regular basis. Avoid this from happening when ordering only from a trusted, certified, Paper Store website.

Trust only the academic professions at The Paper Store for your next research assignment. Since 1994, our staff have been writing thousands of academic term papers, essays, book reports, dissertations or theses.

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