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A 7 page paper in which the writer examines the gun control issue from the perspective of history; the role of the government and legislation; view points of opponents and proponents of gun control. The writer's personal opinion is also expressed. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

Causation of Crime

  • 8 page paper

In 8 pages , the author discusses many of the theories for the causation of crime, such as social learning, social strain, and disintegration of family. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

A variety of social theories are discussed in this 10 page paper. Specific theories include anomie, differential association, social strain, social stratification and alienation. The importance of the family, and different views on the subject, is also included. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

5 pages in length. Both sociological and psychological theory are looked at in relationship to criminal behavior in this overview. The two theories, Labeling Theory and Social Learning Theory, are outlined and discussed as individual theories as well as in relationship to one another and their related disciplines. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

The Labeling Theory

  • 5 page paper

In 5 pages the author discusses labeling theory. A definition is given, major theorists are listed, and some examples in research are provided. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

A 12 page paper discussing the Italian School of positive thought and its contributions to principles of modern criminology. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

An 18 page paper that explores the ramifications of social crime prevention through the application of social theories in the work of security managers. Paper deals with such issues as anomie, deviance, etc. and discusses these issues through the viewpoint of current research and application of the theories. Bibliography lists more than 15 sources.

The Economics of Crime

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page paper provides a discussion on the economic problems of crime. General crime theory and solutions are also provided. Statistics concerning prisons in the UK is also included along with 2 pie charts. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 6 page paper which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of an economic approach to the concern of criminal participation. In discussing the subject the primary focus rests on one particular study which sets out to discover some of the apparent relationship between economic conditions and the particular level of involvement in the crime industry. ...

In 12 pages, the author discusses the concept of victim offender mediation in criminal conflict. The history of victim offender mediation, the description of victim offender mediation, an evaluation of victim offender mediation, and a conclusion are given. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

9 pages in length. A sociological examination of Sanyika Shakur's (1992) book entitled, "Monster: The Autobiography of An L.A. Gang Member." In the book, the author tells in graphic detail of his years as an inner-city gang member and the violent escapades in which he was involved. This research paper attempts to examine the author's ...

A 5 page analysis of the book Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. by Luis J. Rodriguez. The writer demonstrates how it is particularly Rodriguez' perspective which makes this vivid account of life in a L.A. gang come to life. No additional sources cited.

A 5 page paper that looks at the social learning theories applied to the gang life presented in Sikes' non-fiction year-long research of girl gangs. The paper discusses reinforcement, secondary reinforcement, imitation and, self-fulfillment in regards to the information presented. The paper agrees with Sikes' statement that the resolution to the problem does ...

A 7 page paper on the effect of this form of music on the criminal justice issue of street crime. The writer examines the lyrics of gangsta rap songs and relates popular opinion on this issue. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A 7 page paper that investigates the sociological reasons behind the commission of crimes, focusing on the murder of 12 year old Klaas by Davis in 1993. The author incorporates the frustration-agression theory as well as the development of deviant behavior patterns from childhood, and other situational perspectives to shed some light on the ...

A 12 page research paper in which the writer discusses the failure of most women to report rape due to the unfortunate reality that society fails to accept their definition of rape in many cases and is not always sympathetic towards their plea for justice. Comparisons are made between male and female views of rape ...

5 pages in length. Applying this well-documented crime theory, the writer attempts to analyze rape as a crime whose actors can be motivated by such things as an egocentric need for self-fulfillment and a lack of concern or respect for others. Various sides of the issue are discussed from a theoretical perspective and a ...

This body of information is explored in a 12 page paper that focuses on Sutherland's Theory of Differential Association. Juvenile delinquency is shown as being proliferated by peer associations and four cases are discussed in detail. Solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

Theories of deviance are discussed in this 6 page overview that includes references to sociologists from Sutherland to Becker, explaining their ideas. Brown's work on conformity is also included. Many examples are given to describe the often-difficult to distinguish type of behavior as evidenced by various decades and generations. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 1998 article that depicts a crime is analyzed in this 6 page paper that discusses both anomie and social strain theories. Other concepts such as the decline of family values, are also included. Recommendations are made. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses the idea that deviance is a matter of perception and, as such, is determined by those in positions of power who serve as a 'moral entrepreneur' for society. Theories of determinants of deviancy, as well as some causal factors, are briefly discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 3 page essay discussing the 1982 article by Gary M. Katz on the 'high-status' versus the 'low- status' deviant and the 'acceptability' of both. No additional sources cited.

This 5 page paper explores sociological theories that may explain the phenomenon of serial murder, focusing upon on the most appropriate, the concept of anomie. Bibliography cites 5 sources.

Social Strain Theory

  • 7 page paper

Robert K. Merton's concept of social strain (derived from anomie) is highlighted in this 7 page paper on the subject. The social strain theory of delinquency is based on the idea that delinquency results when individuals are unable to achieve their goals through legitimate channels. Bibliography lists 7 sources.


  • 15 page paper

A 15 page paper discussing the possibility, and belief, that our intentions can affect society in one way or another. It is believed that by changing our own personal intentions, and by changing our thought patterns we can inadvertently alter society in general. While we do not have the power to alter or create synchronistic ...

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