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The VCE requires student to study at least on Australian text. This 7 page paper looks at this requirement to assess whether or not it a reasonable requirement, looking at the potential benefits of this inclusion. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

This 5 page paper looks at the way that children are taught about money in Australia. The paper outlines a number of approaches that are found in primary and secondary schools, including the commercially sponsored programs. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

An 11 page paper which looks at the Job Summit in New Zealand, and the discrepancies between government policy statements and the current funding for training and education programs. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This 16-page paper provides an overview of factors impacting Oxford University's marketing and educational content delivery factors. Bibliography lists 18 sources.

Education in Brazil

  • 20 page paper

A 20 page research paper discussing all aspects of education in Brazil and making comparisons to the U.S. Including are methods of evaluation, exam styles, deliverance & training, forms of governance and much more. Bibliography lists 14 scholarly sources.

A 10 page paper that provides an overview of Mexico's educational systems and a review of background in the development of their primary and secondary school programs. This paper demonstrates that their are major issues hindering reform efforts, including the more than 100 indigenous communities with different languagues and different cultures. Bilbiography lists ...

A 9 page research paper discussing the French system at the elementary, secondary, and higher education levels. It also summarizes recent changes and innovations which includes a more realistic approach to teaching French history. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 9 page research paper that compares the educational system in the United States with it's counterpart in Germany. It looks at the structure , teacher education and funding of both systems. It concludes by delineating four aspects of the German system that would be a positive addition the U.S. system. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the central points of comparison between the United States system of education and that of China. This paper considers the nature of educational philosophy as well as the structure of the modern public schools and defines the influence of modern trends, including the call for privatization ...

This five-page-paper presents a discussion on the education reform act currently being undertaken by Thailand. Bibliography lists four sources.

British School System

  • 6 page paper

The concepts that make up most people's thoughts concerning either Europe or England, in particular, do not necessarily congeal with the American idea or ideal of education. This 6 page paper explores the British school system before and after the 1988 Education Act. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 7 page paper that compares and contrasts the educational systems and the health care systems in the U.S. and Canada. There are many similarities in the educational system in the two countries. The health care systems, however, are vastly different. These are discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 7 page discussion of the educational and healthcare systems of the United States and Canada. Points out the shortcomings and discrepancies of each system but maintains that while there are differences in formats, Canada and the U.S. most often run neck and neck in the quality of their educational programs as well as ...

A 5 page contrast of the public school system of the United States and that of France. Notes the superiority of France's system and suggests this is due to an overall support of the system rather than an attempt to evade it in preference of private schools. Contrasts French and U.S. academic performance ...

A 6 page paper which examines how students obey their teachers differently in different cultures. Cultures examined are Chinese, Japanese, European, and American. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Curriculum Planning

  • 10 page paper

This 10 page paper provides an overview of the elements necessary for evaluating the curriculum planning process for a school in Saudi Arabia. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

A 13 page paper listing and evaluating the similarities and differences between Spanish and US schools. Spanish students spend only slightly more days in class each year than do US students. Spain spends less per student and gives teachers less autonomy than in the US, yet Spain's overall literacy rate is greater than the US. Specialized ...

A 20 page paper addressing researching the state of English instruction in Japan. The Japanese are said to have greater difficulty in acquiring a working knowledge of English, but indications are that cultural issues may lead passive and active resistance to English acquisition. The purpose here is to devise a study of the effectiveness of Teaching of ...

A 6 page paper applying the principles of "Informed Dialogue : Using Research to Shape Education Policy around the World" to formulating educational policy in Namibia. While reaching informed decisions and then implementing them is the ultimate goal of the process described by the authors, the interactions of those involved in the process are nearly as important as ...

The Implementation of Teacher Evaluation in This 5 page paper considers the education and development of secondary schools in Canada, with a specific focus on the integration of teacher evaluation at the secondary school level. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A Study of Resilient Schools; This 10 page paper is based on a case study provided by a student. It looks at the way in which schools in South Africa have been seen to succeed in very difficult circumstances due to a range of factors which make the school resilient to its' environment and enable ...

This 5 page paper consider the position and policies of further education in Scotland as well as some of the future proposals including closer ties with commerce and higher education. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

A 6 page paper that presents a proposal for the analysis of a newspaper article. The article addresses the National Certificate of Education Achievement in New Zealand. The writer identifies the issues contained in the article, then discusses how these would be analyzed for a longer essay. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 10 page paper. The writer analyzes a research report in a journal that addresses a comparison study between cooperatively structured groups and unstructured groups and the effects each group has on children with learning difficulties/disabilities. The study was conducted in Australia. The writer then analyzes the report and the study according to appropriate research ...

A 10 page paper. This is the second paper in a series that addresses the issue of the National Certificate of Education Achievement and pay remuneration for teachers in New Zealand. The catalyst for this research was a newspaper article. This paper offers a more comprehensive identification of the issues that were both inherent ...

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