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Medical Marijuana # 2

  • 22 page paper

A 22 page paper that considers the opposing perspectives on the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This paper provides both pros and cons and than provides support for the legal use of marijuana for the treatment of symptoms of serious illnesses. Bibliography with 10 sources cited.

A 5 page paper analyzing the potential benefits of the legalization of marijuana for medical utilization. This paper points out the varied uses to which marijuana has been put. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 6 page research paper on whether it is ethical for physicians to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes in extreme cases. The writer details both sides of the controversy, the evidence in support of not prescribing it, and the ethical considerations which are pertinent--ultimately arguing in favor of one side. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 4 page paper which examines the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 6 page discussion of the relative merits of marijuana in treating depression. Notes that while anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac are effective, they have far more potential complications and costs than marijuana. The author contends that, when properly employed, the medical use of marijuana would result in less long-term harm to ...

Medical Marijuana

  • 7 page paper

A 7 page paper which examines the pros and cons of medical marijuana and illustrates how medical marijuana can prove very beneficial to many. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Medical Marijuana

  • 4 page paper

A 4 page paper which examines medical marijuana and supports legalization of medical marijuana. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 10 page research paper that contrasts and compares marijuana laws in the EU to those in the US for the purposes of discerning the effects of decriminalization of this drug. The writer discusses the myths v. the fact of marijuana use; effects of decriminalization where it has occurred and the resistance of the US ...

Medical Marijuana

  • 10 page paper

The thesis of this 10 page paper is that there is a medical necessity for the legal use of marijuana. There is significant evidence that supports the benefits of THC, a chemical found in marijuana, is beneficial for sufferers of cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. Though THC is available in tablet form, many seriously ill ...

This 3-page paper addresses quality and safety standards when it comes to medical marijuana. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses health care policy and use of medical marijuana (MM).. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Marijuana as Medicine ?

  • 15 page paper

15 pages on the historic controversy over marijuana's usefulness & legalization. The writer goes into great detail about the drug's alleged medical value and elaborates what has been discovered thus far. It is concluded that after all the evidence, federal court rulings, and experiments, marijuana it seems, does indeed cloud the mind. But in this ...

A 5 page research paper supporting the legalization of marijuana. Four of the many reasons for legalizing marijuana are discussed; the most compelling reason is medical; the most capitalistic is the many products produced from hemp. Bibliography lists 9 references.

This 9 page paper argues that the use of marijuana should be used for treatment in certain conditions. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

This 8 page analytical essay explores the medical benefits of legalizing marijuana, giving evidence of a number of research studies, including studies designed to prove the opposite. Bibliography lists 6 references.

This 4 page paper presents arguments for the legalization of medical marijuana. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 4-page paper discusses policy in conjunction with medical marijuana and its legalization, noting that, because legalization is at the state level, it's difficult to determine policy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The issue of legalization of marijuana is a complicated mixture of social, political, ethical, medical and legal considerations. In the United States, marijuana has been deemed a dangerous drug with severe consequences for possession and distribution. California has taken the lead in declaring a willingness to acknowledge the medicinal value of marijuana. ...

8 pages in length. Although the writer of this essay does not necessarily endorse the use of marijuana, (s)he agrees with the argument that it is politically-incorrect to outlaw it in the United States. Very good points are made from the history of marijuana's existence in the country as well as the similar case of ...

A 12 page paper on the ethical and moral issues surrounding medicinal marijuana. The paper presents a number of quotations of people in support of medical marijuana based on relief from the side effects caused by other drugs, and the doctors opinions about how western medicine has come up with legal drugs to treat these ...

An 8 page paper that argues against the legalization of marijuana from a sociological and psychological perspective. The writer suggests that while there is considerable data about the usefulness of this drug from a medical standpoint, the general legalization would have considerable social and psychological implications. Bibliography lists16 sources.

Medical Marijuana

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page paper offers an argumentative essay, in which the writer takes the pro-use position that argues for the legitimization of medical marijuana. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Medical Marijuana

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page research paper considers points both pro and con in regards to the use of medical marijuana, and concludes that, when benefits outweigh risks, it should be used. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 10 page paper That asks whether there are other options for treating pain and certain illnesses. The paper focuses on medical marijuana with a background of its historic use, social, economic, ethical, political, and legal factors, two bills presently before congress, and an analysis of those bills. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

This 8 page research paper begins with an annotated bibliography that provides 10 citations that pertain to the legalization and use of medical marijuana. This is followed by a 5 page paper that draws on this research to discuss this issue. The bibliography for the paper lists 5 sources.

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