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This 3-page paper discusses how health information management curriculum helps with various areas including information management, communication and organization. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Generation N"e"XT

  • 10 page paper

(10 pp). For the first time in history, most teenagers and young adults are more experienced in a computer based technology than the majority of their caregivers or parents. Rather than be frightened by this new skill employed by Generation N"e"XT, we should see it as a creative challenge to learn more ...

A 15 page paper that provides a substaintive overview of the literature on the progression of technical preparation in educational settings and considers the impact of the partnership between education and technology in preparing students to enter a more technical world. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

This 5 page report discusses the processes experienced by an individual student in taking a class in a variety of Internet and online-related topics such as website construction, HTML, electronic design, and others. Written in a tutorial style, the paper discusses areas that a student taking such a class and learning such skills may want to consider. No sources. ...

This 5 page report discusses the expanded reach of distance learning due to telecommunications technologies. Based on an article by Ahmed S. Khan’s article “Application of Telecommunications Technologies in Distance Learning” it is clear that “the dissemination of knowledge is no longer limited to physical constraints.” Along with being able to eliminate distance as a barrier to education, long distance ...

This is a 4 page paper which discusses the use or non-use of advanced technology to improve the communication among teachers, students, parents and the community. The bibliography has 4 sources.

This 3 page paper is primarily an article review. John D. Castellani (2000) addresses the issue in an article entitled Strategies for integrating the Internet into classrooms for high school students with emotional and learning disabilities. This is the only source cited.

This 5 page paper outlines the influence of computer technology on contemporary instructional strategies as well as the impact that these strategies have also had on the development of technologies. This paper provides an argument for their continued use within the educational setting, with a focus on elementary and secondary school learning. Bibliography ...

A 10 page paper which addresses the question of whether computers belong in early childhood classrooms or not. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Computer Field Trips

  • 3 page paper

A 3 page paper assessing two “virtual fieldtrips,” one to an elementary class and one to a high school class, and placing their educational outcomes on a scale relating to Bloom’s Taxonomy. The lessons taught by these two “field trips” are that instructional technology tools enhance the teaching effort. They are not the ...

A 6 page paper that addresses the controversy surrounding the use of computers and other media in early education, as early as infancy. The paper reports several articles that offer opinions and research results that focus on this controversy, including some empirical studies that conclude computers help preschoolers learn. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A 10 page overview of the importance of the adoption of computers as an instructional technology. The author reports that some ninety-eight percent of our schools have Internet access and the average ratio of students to computers has dropped to the all-time low of 5:1 yet our full acceptance of computers as an educational ...

A 40 page paper that provides an overview of the essential elements of both lecture methods and computer assisted learning and then supports the contention that computer assisted learning provides a more applicable educational process for instructing nursing students. Bibliography lists 75 sources.

5 pages in length. There is little question that technology has given considerable advantage to reading skills at the school grade level, not only serving to improve present learning skills but also setting the stage for increased capability later on in school as well. Part of the challenge of acquiring a good, sound ...

A 5 page paper which examines how providing computers in the classroom can improve reading skills. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Children and Computers

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page annotated bibliography which discusses 8 various journal articles that deal with the subject of children and computers. Each article is briefly describes within the bibliography.

A 5 page paper that discusses computer-based training in the workplace, or distance learning, and the advantages this type of employee education offers. Also discussed is the potential for positive impact that distance learning presents for mature workers such as those born during the baby boom years. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 5 page paper considers the uses of computers in the educational setting in the past and present and then reflects on the possibilities for using technology in the future. This paper considers issues like the use of computers in elementary education as well as with Special Education populations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ...

An 8 page discussion of the importance of computer utilization in the modern educational environment. The author reviews a current article from the professional literature attesting to the fact that computers are beneficial in this environment. The contention is presented, however, that in order to gain the most benefit we must insure that ...

A 5 page paper examining the use of computers in elementary school classrooms. Specifically considered are instructional benefits of computers in improving test scores. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Classroom Computers

  • 12 page paper

A 12 page paper answering the question of whether computers are beneficial to elementary school classes. The writer details the reasons why this technology is necessary for the future of our nation's children. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

A 5 page persuasive paper which argues that computer and Internet classes should be provided for every child in the country. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 12 page paper focusing on leadership theory as a basis for encouraging greater use of computer technology among educators. The proposed approach to the problem that teachers make little use of computer technology in their teaching efforts is to institute an informal study of the effects of incorporating PowerPoint® slide presentations into their ...

This 5 page paper discusses the barriers to technology education in the schools systems. Examples given. Experts reported. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 5 page paper considers the role and uses of devices to aid access to computers for disables children in main stream schools. The paper discusses some of these devices, their advantages and disadvantages as well as their suitability for use in this way. The bibliography sites 4 sources.

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