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This 6 page paper reviews Freud's life and beliefs and how religion has played a part in this Jewish psychoanalyst's theories. The role of Judaism in psychoanalysis is discussed as well as how science and religion coexist. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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have to move out of Germany during the Holocaust. In fact, in 1937, Freud would find asylum in England due to Hitlers annexation of Austria as well as a ban on psychoanalysis ("Freud," 2002). It was at this time that Freud and his family went to London where they remained until his death in 1939 (2002). One can imagine that the experience impacted the psychiatrist a great deal. After all, many Holocaust survivors find that their religious roots are strengthened after such an experience, but that does not seem to be true of Sigmund Freud. In fact, Freuds rejection of Judaism in some way impacted his theories of psychoanalysis. There were not too many positive Jewish experiences in Freuds life (Gordis, 1975). Clearly, being persecuted for a belief system can take its toll. It is quite possible that if Sigmund were ambivalent about religion, the Holocaust might have caused him to become less, and not more, religious. Still, Gordis (1975) points out that Freuds experiences with Judaism were not entirely negative and in fact, at times, has been helpful to him. Also, it appears that during the First World War, Freud had much sympathy for the plight of the Jewish people (1975). Still, when all is said and done, it appears that the psychiatrist had rejected religion, and had a disdain for Judaism, and this was apparent in his psychoanalytic theory. While many people integrate psychology and psychiatry with religion today--at least counselors do not reject religion--there has always been a tug of war between science and belief. One cannot negate the fact that the social science of psychology often takes a dim view of religion and sees it as a way that man makes sense of the world. It does not validate religion, but merely ...

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