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This 5 page paper makes recommendations for accommodations for ESL students in elementary grades. Specific materials from the area of marine biology are used to provide examples. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 3 page paper that reviews two journal articles on integrating ESL in content classes. One article reports the success of biology teachers and the other article looks at adult learners. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Article review focusing on the content of the title article by Ted Pollock and also the writing style as it supports the main concept of handling stress in the workplace. Bibliography lists 1 source. jvStrs06.rtf

A 12 page paper providing rationale and plans for a public speaking training program to be offered to middle school students ages 12-15. Based on the successful approach of Toastmasters International, this program will focus on developing public speaking, persuasion and listening abilities. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

A 3 page paper discussing possible approaches to a problem of classroom management in a military setting. The first classroom experience following boot camp has led one student to be alternately rude and seek to be the "class clown." It is the instructor's responsibility to determine the best course of action to regain ...

A 22 page research study that addresses teaching autistic children through unsupervised settings that involve pictorial self management. Bibliography lists 25 sources.

A 6 page paper discussing learning theory and adult education in terms of developing a training program for supply chain management. The paper includes Erikson's developmental stages and approaches to training. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

7 pages in length. The ethical and moral tenets inherent to religious belief have help to guide civilized society through centuries of challenge and struggle. For those who depend upon the traditional practice to shepherd them down the path of righteousness, religion is incorporated into virtually every aspect of their lives. Indeed, ...

This 15 page paper uses a case submitted by a student as a springboard for discussion. The case involves a petitioner who wants to receive state funding for several religion courses excluded from her scholarship. The court rejects the petition and a judicial opinion is provided as a draft memo . A dissenting ...

A 1 page consideration of the problems this Act presents in terms of inclusion. Under the inclusive approach factors such as gender, race, religion or even differences in educational aptitude would not be used to exclude individuals from the group as a whole. In the education environment, of course, the latter must somehow ...

A 4 page paper describing the reaction of school administrators to the Individual with Disabilities in Education Act and their inability to effectively honor the act in public schools. The writer describes the lack of appropriate action to address accessibility issues as well as the inability of administrators to provide adequate educational opportunities to ...

A 3 page paper that describes tutoring the disabled college student as an experience for college credit. Two students are described, a blind student and a student with dyslexia. That the tutor did is explained. The essay also discusses what Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 addresses. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

10 pages in length. The writer discusses how each of three legally mandated programs impacts disabled school children. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Issues of Inclusion

  • 5 page paper

The Education of the Handicapped Act enacted in 1975 initiated a change in the educational system of the United States. Full inclusion began to take hold in the 1980's. Full inclusion is a term used to describe the placement of children with disabilities in a regular education classroom with children who do not ...

An 8 page paper discussing signs of child abuse and how and when an Australian day care worker should report it. The paper provides the legal requirements for reporting child abuse in the Northern Territory of Australia. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

SPED Parents

  • 3 page paper

A 3 page paper in the form of a brochure to parents of special education children, encouraging them to become and remain involved with their children’s education. The brochure addresses both legal and practical aspects of special education and ways they can become more involved. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 11 page paper traces the history of foreign language in American schools. The paper looks at the decades of the twentieth century to see the course that foreign language curricula would take primarily in high school but also in elementary school and in higher education. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 7 page research paper that addresses multiple subjects. The first 2 and half pages of this paper briefly address the history of universities, defining their traditions, applies this to the example of Liberty University and then briefly describes a non-profit organization that address experiential adult learning. The remainder of the paper discusses experiential learning ...

This 10-page-paper presents an in-depth look at the home schooling movement in America. it opens with a discussion about the history of home schooling and the reasons parents choose to do it. Throughout the paper the legal and moral aspects of home schooling are examined and the conclusion outlines the ideal educational setting for children. ...

ESL and It's Impact

  • 5 page paper

This five-page-paper presents a discussion on the history, need, and future of English As A Second Language programs in America. Bibliography lists four sources.

This 3 page review of an article from The Journal of Remedial & Special Education discusses a 5-step procedure for the integration and assimilation of severely disabled students into the "ordinary" classroom. The role of parents, resources, etc; are included in the discussion. Full citation and FREE copy of the original article are included !

This 10 page paper provides background information on Chinese culture, a woman's place in that culture, the social parameters of being deaf and the Chinese outlook on providing special education for the developmentally disabled. It presents the argument that the application of art therapy for the deaf and mentally disabled Chinese woman is not only appropriate but would also provide ...

8 pages in length. The writer offers a brief overview of five separate journal articles on ADHD. No additional sources cited.

This 6 page report discusses three separate articles addressing education of the severely disabled population. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 9 page paper discussing the home-oriented of Head Start. Home school relations and techniques associated with Head Start obviously benefit children and their families in the short term. Results can be immediate and serve to reduce the pressures on low-income families, but they also can be long lasting in terms of the family's learning. Any ...

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