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Freud: Magic and Religion

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A 6 page paper which examines whether Sigmund Freud had anything significant to say about magic or religion. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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mankinds existence and presence. His work, however, also discussed and analyzed religion and magic as it involved the human mind. And, he, himself, was fascinated with ancient rituals and beliefs, though he never adhered to any religion. In the following paper we present an examination of Freuds theories and perspectives concerning magic and religion, indicating that they played a large part in his studies of the human psyche. Religion and Magic "Throughout his life Freud grappled with the problem of mythology, spiritual feeling, religious institutions and the basis of morality. His writing on the subject is only half the story" (Anonymous Freud and Religion, 2002; religion.html). Interestingly enough, many of the things, mostly antiques, that he collected were directly related to religion and magic. For example, these items were generally "intended to pacify the gods with which men have surrounded their lives, or to ensure immortality in another life. His collection of Renaissance prints and photographs brought back from pilgrimages to Italy, are testament to a deep and abiding fascination with the Catholic faith he often denounced as the enemy" (Anonymous Freud and Religion, 2002; religion.html). So, whether or not he seemed to believe in anything, we can surely assume that he was intrigued by magic and religion. As one author states, "Freud must have been impressed by the universal nature of religious phenomena, being on the interface between the biological and social realms. No doubt he suspected that religion, like literature, articulated in a disguised way some of the psychological truths he discovered in his own work" (Anonymous Freud and Religion, 2002; religion.html). Many may even argue that the confrontation that man had with religion, or the relationships that man had with religion, were what spurred him "to the development of psychoanalysis itself" (Anonymous ...

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