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How Power Affects my Life

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This 6 page paper is written in first person. Drawing on Alfred Adler's theories, it looks at how power plays out in an individual's life. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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times when I feel powerless. I feel extremely powerless over large organizations and government bureaucracy. When I am waiting on line at the Motor Vehicle Bureau the feeling of powerlessness is sometimes overwhelming. For example, one day I was going to get a permit renewed and the lady at the bureau was seemingly not having a good day. She asked for additional information and would not accept my bank statement. I told her it was a bit worn but that it was truly a valid statement of account. She said "This doesnt look like a real bank statement. I think you copied this and doctored it." Of course, it was a real bank statement, but I felt powerless to prove it. What was I to do? I might have called the bank and tried to get them to speak with her, but it was a situation that seemingly could not be rectified until I provided tangible proof of address. Those are the rules. Such incidents, where rules have to be followed to the letter, are exasperating. Of course, it could be said that-like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz-I had the power all along. There were things I could have done. In some way, my feelings of powerlessness were internal and had nothing at all to do with a true lack of social or political power. In retrospect, I could have brought a newer bank statement instead of the old one that was laying around and began to show wear. I could have asked to speak to her supervisor. I could have been nicer and very polite. It seems that when working with bureaucrats and people in subservient positions, a good attitude works. I might have complimented her outfit or smiled, instead of appearing rushed and angry to begin with. ...

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