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A 5 page book review that looks two biographies of Charlemagne. These two biographies were written by men roughly contemporary with Charlemagne's rule. One was penned by Einhard between 829 and 836 A.D., the Vita Caroli. The other was written by Notker the Stammerer (who is considered synonymous with the Monk of Saint Gall) between ...

Julian of Norwich

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page essay/research paper that, first of all, gives a brief biography of Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth century mystic and theologian. The remainder of the paper looks at Julian's book Revelations of Divine Love, giving a brief overview of her theological stance. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

(5 pp.) After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe retained a sense of chaotic movement. The old structure of government and power had crumbled away, and no singular system was yet organized enough to replace it. A beginning of that re-organization began around the learning of the skills and the ...

A paper which considers the perspective of Voltaire, Kant and Condorcet on organised religion, and the extent to which the Enlightenment thinkers had a direct impact on social change. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Dark Ages Analyzed

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page research paper examines the historical period which has become known as the Dark Ages. Specifically explored is the prevalent society, including the standard of living, culture, religion and writing and language of the people. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 4 page paper delves into various concepts concerning religion and leadership as it respects the Middle Ages. Machiavelli is the primary focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 5 page paper that provides and overview of humanism during the Italian Renaissnace and considers the impacts on social constructs, religion and medieval thought. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper compares the society as it appears in the Mediaeval work Beowulf to that of Ancient Greece. Expectations that the societies have for its citizens are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A paper which looks at specific social and political aspects of ancient Greece and Rome, such as the position of women and the rise of Christianity, and also at the reasons for the spread of Islam in the medieval world. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A paper which looks at the influence which Alfred the Great had on educational provision in England, after the Viking raids on religious centres destroyed the education network during the Dark Ages. Bibliography lists 2 sources

This 5 page report discusses one of the ancient world’s most renowned leaders, the Byzantine emperor, Justinian (483-565). Historians have often referred to him in some variation on the theme of “the last of the great Roman emperors.” His wife, the Empress Theodora, became known for her ravishing beauty as well as her ruthless manner and haughty disposition despite her ...

An 8 page paper which examines the role of women in these two societies. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

History Topics

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page research paper that address 4 history topics. These are a comparison between the spice trade and today's oil trade; 2 innovative navigational discoveries that changed history; why 15th century merchants needed banks; and where --given 3 choices of where to be a slave--would it be logical to choose a location in the ...

A 6 page essay that presents two tales from Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron. The writer focuses on two stories told by Pampinea, one of the women sojourners, and argues that these tales represent views of sex and gender that differed radically from the conventions of that time. No other sources cited.

A 9 page essay on Einhard's history of Charlemagne and its significance to the world today. The writer explores the military, religious, civic and personal life of Charlemagne, his expansion of France, and his relationships with others during his time. The writer also explores the reasons behind the current interest in Charlemagne, and ...

Encounter with a Cat

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page essay that, first of all, discusses an encounter between the writer and a cat. This leads into a discussion of the history of the domesticated cat and its relationship to humanity, focusing on ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages. The writer concludes by contemplating the meaning of the cat encounter and how ...

The Art and Falconry

  • 7 page paper

This 7 page paper focuses on the history of this art, particularly with respect to the part it played in terms of social class. Much of the paper focuses on falconry as it was practiced during the middle ages. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 5 page analysis of Gernet's book Daily Life in China, in which dispels some commonly held Western misconceptions about Chinese history. No additional sources cited.

(7 pp) If some one wants to have you "buy something "- whether it is an idea, a belief or an item, there are ways to go about that, that will make you more susceptible to that new thing. Some of these early marketing principles were put into place in both Russia and France ...

A 9 page essay that contrasts and compares the writing of 3 medieval theologians. At their most fundamental level, the writing of medieval theologians Thomas Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux and Saint Bonaventure are in agreement with each other in that they each perceive the relation between love and knowledge as being intrinsically intertwined and interconnected ...

A 6 page book review that discusses and analyzes The Ramsay Scallop by Frances Temple, a novel set in the year 1299 and written to appeal to young teens. In many ways, it is a well-written tale that has elements that are both instructive and entertaining to young readers. However, there are also problems with ...

A 9 page research paper that contrasts and compares two versions of the Magna Carta, the original, which was written in 1215 and the one written in 1297. The writer looks at the overall structure of these documents and argues that the intentions of their framers were very similar. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 6 page essay that presents two tales from Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron. The writer focuses on two stories told by Pampinea, one of the women sojourners, and argues that these tales represent views of sex and gender that differed radically from the conventions of that time. No other sources cited.

This 12 page paper considers the notion of authority and control in Chaucer's The Wife of Bath and Margery Kempe's autobiography The World of Margery Kempe. This paper recognizes the social, religious and legal limitations that were imposed on women, but also suggests that both Alison, Wife of Bath, and Margery Kempe took a ...

This well written 16 page paper, including 1 page synopsis, considers how historians of Europe can look at criminal justice or inquisitorial records in order to investigate what beliefs in witchcraft and magic existed during in the Middle Ages. The paper examines what these records show what the beliefs were along with how and why ...

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