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A 5 page overview of the lives and circumstances of five members of a poor Mexican family in Mexico City in the 1960s. Plagued by poverty, the challenges of living in the corrupt and unpredictable environment of one of the world’s largest cities, and just the incredibly fragile relations which occur within a typical ...

This 7 page paper provides an overview of the country and a look at the business environment. Several issues are raised including scandals to erupt from the region. The economic stability of Costa Rica is discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

A 9 page overview of the many environmental constraints which affect Cuban business development and management. Emphasizes that the political constraints in Cuba have been by far the most important deterrents to business growth and development. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

This 11 page paper focuses attention on a hypothetical case where a German company wants to open its doors in Mexico. Attention is paid to human rights issues particularly in light of the Han Young uprising. Many specifics are included such as changing accounting rules in the nation and the Maquiladora program is discussed ...

A 7 page paper. The paper is a "country brief" for vice-president of a hypothetical company that sells security systems. The VP is on the way over to close a deal and wants information regarding the country. This essay offers that brief and emphasizes the political upheavals of the last decade and the current ...

This 10 page paper examines the business climate in Mexico. A case study, submitted by a student, is used as a springboard for discussion. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Technology and Demographics: A 9 page paper discussing the demography, technology and infrastructure of Singapore and Mexico. In terms of demographics, technology and infrastructure, Singapore is acceptable on all points and in all areas. Mexico can be acceptable for Riordan's purposes as well, but the company will need to assess the conditions ...

This 5-page paper focuses on Venezeulan membership in MERCOSUR, and how it might impact a Venezuelan business.

This 8 page paper provides a variety of sections to disseminate information about the culture of Mexico. NAFTA is discussed as well as The Maquiladoras. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

This 8 page paper explores some of the issues surrounding aviation in Bolivia. Bibliography lists 6 sources

A comprehensive, 10 page discussion of Stroessner's rise to power and the political factors surrounding his ability to do so. Tactics used to maintain his office and remain leader of this Latin American country are of particular importance to the discussion. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 6 page report discusses the social hierarchies -- gender, ethnicity, class -- of colonial Latin America. The social histories of nations throughout Latin America provide important insights on the intricate nature of political and cultural groups of a colonial society. As a result, those insights contribute substantially to the reexamination of relationships of power and popular culture in colonial Latin America ...

A 6 page research paper that addresses David Carrasco's book Religions of Mesoamerica. The writer looks at how the author describes and uses the framework of worldmaking, worldcentering and worldrenewing to explain Mesoamerican religious practice. No additional sources cited.

This 5 page paper provides an overview of the South American continent with particular attention paid to language, religion and politics. The effect of culture on the political economy of the region is an important component of the paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 3 page paper discusses the views of Bernal Diaz in his account of the Aztec conquest of Mexio. Quotes cited from the source. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 35 page paper gives an in depth analysis of the ancient Mayan religions, deities, culture, and current practices. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Latin America/3 Issues

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page research paper that examines 3 issues in Latin American society in 3 two-page discussions. The topics covered are: the role of women in Latin America & Economic impact of that role; the role of Catholic Church in history & inroads made by other religions; and the role of indigenous people & their ...

A 7 page paper which examines the history of women’s involvement in Toltec and Aztec history. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

8 pages in length. Much like Murphy's Law by virtue of its facilitating effect for change but at the same time more comprehensive in nature, the eight factors of irony and complexity have proven to be an instrumental force in the formation and subsequent progress - or failure - of man's entire growth and ...

This 15 page paper traces the history of Latin American cuisine from precontact to modern agricultural. The author emphasizes the importance politics have played in changing the food choices via import verses export and large scale agricultural verses small family plots. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

This 3 page research paper reports on the history of the Dominican Republic. The writer discusses the history of its settlement, its association with pirates, its language and the ethnic origins of its people. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 6 page discussion of the book by Edmund Gordon. Provides a brief history of Nicaragua and examines the downfall of the Sandinista regime. Discusses the role of blacks in Nicaraguan history. Concludes that although blacks were very much a part of modernizing Nicaragua from a structural point but they had little ...

The history of Peru certainly didn't begin with the Spanish invasion. Before the soldiers from Spain came in search of gold, land and the glory of God, there was a large and prosperous indigenous population known as the Inca. This 5 page paper gives a brief history of the invasion of Peru by the Spanish. Bibliography lists ...

A 5 page research paper that offers a brief overview of the structure of the Argentine government and political systems, and then a brief history of Argentina's political history in the twentieth century. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

5 pages. This paper gives some of the Argentine history following independence and why the economic stagnation resulted. Also covered are the political rise of Peron, his ideology and program and the significance of the Peron era in Argentine History. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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