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The Business Environment in Costa Rica

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This 7 page paper provides an overview of the country and a look at the business environment. Several issues are raised including scandals to erupt from the region. The economic stability of Costa Rica is discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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butterflies, birds, beaches, and volcanoes (Lowman, 1999) . Many would agree that it is nothing less than beautiful. It is certainly a resort community as it allows sun worshipers to take advantage of its lovely weather all year round, so despite some difficulties, the nation does enjoy at least one lucrative industry. Costa Rica exports coffee and bananas in addition to fulfilling the needs of its busy tourist trade (1999). It is a small country and does not often engage in battle. In fact, it has not had an army in fifty years (1999). Costa Ricas neighbors are Nicaragua on the north and Panama which is located to the southeast (1999). Costa Rica includes a great variety of terrain and temperatures as well (1999). While it is considered to be free today, it did start out as a colony. Costa Rica was originally a Spanish colony that declared its independence in 1821 ("Costa," 1999). After a difficult beginning it created an era of peaceful democracy in 1889 and then that was twice interrupted, one by a dictatorial stint between 1917 and 1919 and then by an armed uprising in 1948 (1999). For the most part democracy has prevailed in Costa Rica. However, while western society sees democracy as a panacea, Costa Rica has proved that theory wrong. While much of Costa Ricas success may be attributable to its democratic ways, it has had more than its share of problems. Things however have always been under control, or somewhat acceptable. The private sector had over time taken on an increasingly significant role but the government was able to maintain the social safety net and so was able to keep things copacetic ("Costa," 1999). At the same time, issues which plague the country are the budget ...

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