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A 3 page look at the geopolitical beliefs expounded in Utopia and how such societies have traditionally failed throughout the course of history. The writer argues that rather than strive for the unattainable, we should learn to appreciate the value of imperfection. No other sources cited.

This 4 page paper provides a critique of More's Utopia as if Machiavelli had written it. This is a fictitious piece written in first person and contains a quote from Utopia. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 5-page paper, based on the writings of Hobsbaum and Scott, attempts to answer why the period following World War II ushered in the greatest of peace and prosperity. Topics include discussion of Fordism and its application to farming, the rise of women in the workforce and the fall of peasantry. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 3-page paper introduces the concept of women in the workplace, spelling out the hypothesis that one reason why women can't get ahead is because both men and women continue to be programmed to behave as they did in a hunter-gatherer society (i.e., men hunting, women tending the home front).

This 5 page paper discusses the nature of social relationships in the 19th century and references the autobiographies of two people of that era. This paper asserts that the social relationships of that era were negatively affected by race and gender. Bilbiography lists 2 sources.

This 5 page paper examines these two classics and suggests that More's idea is superior in creating good citizens and good government. Quotes are provided from each of the works. No additional sources cited.

Through Robbie and QT-1, Isaac Asimov spins the human lesson utopian tale of a society that would live under only three laws: harm no one, do our jobs, and preserve ourselves for the protection of all. If we did so, the world would be a better place. Bibliography lists 1 source. jvIRobot.rtf

A 10 page research paper concerning the first of many literary 'utopias' which describe perfect imaginary societies. The writer explores the framework of the society imaged by Sir Thomas More in the early sixteenth-century discussing such topics as the rights of the individual, the laws, and customs of More's ideal human society. Bibliography lists 6 ...

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