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This 15 page paper discusses "Confessions", which is Jean Jacque Rousseau's autobiography. This paper discusses what this writer was attempting to say about the self and includes quotes. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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his own self. He maintains that the self is influenced through the myriad of social identities which each of us possesses. He believes that no matter how hard a person tries to clearly know themselves, it is indeed a futile task simply because we are so many people at different times. Confessions is actually a very revolutionary book in that it is considered the first secular autobiography. Instead of simply attributing his "self" to the work of God, he attempts to uncover the sources of who he is via his own self-exploration. And, this book is certainly a self-exploration. From the very beginning, Rousseau maintains that he will do his best to uncover his truest self - both the good and the bad - in order to accomplish his mission. Furthermore, he states that he will reveal himself completely without attaching morality to behaviors. In other words, he simply seeks to know himself as he truly is, devoid of any accompanying morality. A Brief Biography of Rousseau Rousseau came from a sad and lonely childhood (Jean Jacques Rousseau). His mother died at his birth and his father cared little for him - eventually deserting him (Jean Jacques Rousseau). In his book, Rousseau explains how his father never recovered from his mothers death: I never knew how my father bore his loss; but I do know that he never got over it. He thought he could see my mother in me; without being able to forget that I had deprived him of her; he never caressed my without my sensing from his sighs, from his urgent embraces, that a bitter ...

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