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Biography of Theoretical Approach

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3 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses Skinner, Kuhn, Toulmin and Holton as they relate to the concept of theoretical approach. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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to conjectural perspectives. Kuhn indicates that introducing such revolutionary concepts as were developed during the scientific revolution truly transformed the way in which the world operated. So many inventions changed how people lived their lives that it was not difficult to leave behind the archaic in favor of the new and improved. However, contemporary inventions were not the only influences during that period; rather, there was a substantial expansion of human rights and basic freedoms due directly to the enlightenment. Both the scientific revolution and the enlightenment period brought about significant "opportunities for education and the renewed value of intellectualism" (Mautz, 2002). Toulmins perspective of natural selection - which "serves to increase the specialization of an organism by increasing its optimization within a specific environment" (Provost, 1984) - rivaled Kuhns paradigm, inasmuch as the former had little patience for anything claiming to be of a scientific nature when it was concocted outside the realm of science. With all things having a fundamental basis of knowledge or logic, Toulmin believed that all things worthy of thought, when based upon logic, are as solvable as a logic problem in mathematics. It is no wonder then that he had no kind regard for those things that were based solely within the theoretical approach of superstition or folly. Why would people want to spend their valuable lives thinking thoughts that were of nonexistent concepts when there were worlds of solid and provable knowledge to be discussed and pondered? This theoretical approach of spending ones time contemplating the logical parts of life rather than the foolishness of enlightenment is best brought to light through Toulmins own words. "If all mens concepts, interpretations, and rational standards -- in morals or in practical life -- are historical and ...

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