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The “Id”, the “Ego”, the “Superego” and Freud on the Illusion of Religion

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A 5 page overview of Freudian theory. The first half of this paper is devoted to clarifying the interaction between the id, the ego, and the superego. The author provides a definition of each of these Freudian terms and details the interaction which occurs between each. In the second half of the paper Freud’s views on religion are discussed. The author denounces, however, Freud’s views of religion as an illusion and urges that religion is more a necessity in our modern world than it has ever been in the past. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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The "Id", the "Ego", and the "Superego" Sigmund Freuds contributions to the field of psychology are more than one-hundred years old. Despite his many now-apparent errors, we continue to place great importance on both the man and his psychoanalytical ideologies. Indeed, Freud almost single-handedly brought such terms as "ego", "superego", "id", "eros" into the forefront of modern psychology. His systematic codification of his observations of the workings of the human mind remain intertwined in contemporary psychoanalytical theory. Freuds teachings relate that human behavior, even our thoughts and feelings, are determined by innate biologically rooted instincts. Our life instincts or "eros" include those that motivate such basic drives as sex, hunger and thirst. To Freud the most powerful of these life instincts were, in fact, the sexual instincts which drive our "libido", that sexual or sensual arena of our behavior. These life instincts contrast, however, with our "thanatos", our death instincts, which control such destructive behaviors as depression, suicide, and aggression. According to Freudian theory, most aspects of our life revolve around the conflicts which naturally occur between the eros and the thanatos. Freudian theory holds that human personality is divided into three subsystems, the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is the genetically rooted subsystem of our personality. The realm of the id is in the unconscious segment of our mind and it is through it that our basic instincts develop and it is through it that we satisfy our basic pleasurable instincts. The libido, in particular, drives the id. While we are born with our id, we develop our ego in our interactions with ...

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