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A 3 page paper in which the writer offers a student advice on how to write a personal statement for admission to graduate school for a master's in real estate development. The writer dwells heavily on a vision of wanting to develop green communities. No bibliography.

8 pages in length. The writer discusses marine pollution as it relates to coral reefs, southern California beaches and global waters. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

This 4 page report discusses the concepts associated with restoration biology and whether or not nature has the ability to heal itself. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 5 page discussion of one of the more notable discoveries in marine biology, the discovery of Ostracoderm fossils in marine substrate. The author uses that example to illustrate the diversity of the marine system and then follow up with a discussion of the life history of the Pacific Halibut. Bibliography lists 7 ...

This 5 page paper gives a brief biography of Gregory Bateson and reviews his book, “Steps to an Ecology of Mind.” Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 6 page research paper hypothesizes, based upon their biographies and work, the positions of famous economists, Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus and David Ricardo, pertaining to the question: Do we have a population problem? The opinions of Sir David Attenborough and Tom Bethell, as indicated in Thomas Easton's Taking Sides: Clashing View on Environmental ...

This 6 page paper reviews two primary studies in biology and compares them in terms of experimental design and application. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This 6 page paper attempts to address the question of whether capitalism will be viable in the future by creating a comparison between capitalism and socialism and applying social theories to the current economic situation in the United States. In addition, this paper also considers the issue of ethics in business and the way ...

This 5 page paper considers the ethics of environmentalism and the lack of environmentalism concern in business. The paper consider this by looking at an article by in the Academy of Management Review by Ronald E. Purser, Changkil Park and Alfonso Montuori entitled ' Limits to anthropocentrism; toward an ecocentric organization paradigm'. This proposes two ...

5 pages in length. The writer discusses the detrimental impact hazardous chemicals have upon the environment, as well as addresses current rectifying positions American businesses are taking on the issue. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Ethics in Business

  • 10 page paper

This 10 page paper considers different ethical perspective in business. This is undertaken by reviewing three articles, one each on ethics in information technology, corporate citizenship and sustainable development. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

This 6 page paper examines problems with water quality due to waste management issues. How hurricanes have been a part of the problem is duly noted. Possible solutions are discussed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 7 page paper answering 11 questions about tourism management, several of which focus on Australia. All of the questions are generic and are not location-specific aside from the areas used as examples, including Australia's Yarra Valley, the Tennessee mountains and the decimated natural environment of Haiti. Questions address the tourism manager's duties ...

This 3 page paper discusses the differences between farming and large agribusiness. Examples are given which show the detrimental effect that agribusiness has had on rural farming communities. Pre-WWII farming is compared/contrasted to post-WWII farming practices. Loads of quotes from Wendell Berry's book, Another Turn of the Crank.

This 6 page paper considers to what extent big corporations conform to ethics in business. The paper explores this by examining the ethical behaviour of the failed US company Enron and then comparing this with Royal Dutch Shell. The bibliography cites 19 sources.

This is a 3 page paper discussing Canadian business and the natural environment. The core of Canada’s natural and environmental resource industries are considered to be forestry, mining, agriculture, energy and fishing and in addition to promoting international trade and business, many industries which are natural-resource based are also involved in sustainable development which maintains ...

This 4 page paper examines a small farm and a nursery business. Owners are interviewed and research done to discern the differences and similarities between the two types in respect to computer use. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 22 page paper provides an overview of the environmental, economic and social impacts of poor quality waste management operations. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

This 19 page paper looks at different aspects of environmental controls and environment law and the impact they have on business. The paper has five sections; Planning decisions, environmental statute law, environmental audits, the UK Environmental Protect Act 1990 and the use of HAZOP. Each section outlines the issues and discusses the implications on ...

5 pages in length. The combined need and desire to repair an ailing environment – as well as preserve what has yet to be damaged – has spawned myriad agencies and organizations whose sole purpose is to restore a semblance of environmental responsibility to industry operation. The Bay Area Green Business Program is ...

A 10 page paper examining the changing economic and development situation in the Balkan region of Europe and a specific nongovernment organization's (NGO) role in current and future development. The NGO is the Green Balkans, headquartered in Bulgaria but with intense interest in the entire Balkan peninsula. Green Balkans is ideally positioned to ...

Pasture Management

  • 14 page paper

A 14 page discussion of modern pasture management practices. The importance of soil structure is emphasized as are age-old management practices such as fertilization, liming, terracing and more modern developments such as the utilization of pheromones to control pest species. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

This 27 page paper examines the issue of waste management in the Austrian construction industry. The paper is based on the hypothesis that implementation of waste management strategies will result in improvements in the environment including minimisation of resource use depletion, decreased energy usage and reduced pollution and that businesses in the building industry can ...

A 5 page paper with an emphasis on Wyoming. The essay identifies some of the pests that may attack turfgrass and how they are usually controlled. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 13 page paper answers a set of questions regarding environmental management and regulations in the UK. Questions include assessing the way that GDP is ineffective at measuring human we all being, whether or not globalisation should be encouraged, what is my indicators of sustainable development, the value of ecological footprint analysis and use ...

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