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A 5 page discussion of the factors which influence human behavior. The author compares the contentions of theorists like Hans Eysenck, Carl Rogers, and Abraham Maslow to conclude that both biology and factors like environment and individual experience are important in shaping an individual’s behavior and, indeed, their chances of succeeding in life. ...

This 7 page paper provides support for a thesis presented by a student. This model paper explores aggression in children but focuses primarily on cultural influences. It supports the assumption that aggression is affected by the social environment and social interaction. The caregivers who are the role models for children are given attention. ...

Anger Management

  • 8 page paper

An 8 page paper that begins with a brief explanation of Kolb's experiential learning model. The writer then discusses anger, what causes anger, predisposition to anger, coping strategies and effective communication techniques. Throughout the discussion, the writer parenthetically indicates which of Kolb's four elements are addressed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

This 3 page paper evaluates the entitle communication theory using Littlejohn's criteria. The theory is evaluated based on scope, appropriateness, heuristic value, validity and parsimony. No Bibliography.

A 5 page paper that examines the concept of the power of positive thinking and its effects on psychological and physical health. Included are results gleaned from studies conducted over the past few decades that indicate a definite link between optimism and success. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

“Whale Done!”

  • 4 page paper

A 4 page report on the book “Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships” by Ken Blanchard. No additional sources cited.

This 5 page paper uses quotes from Beth Loffreda, Annie Dillard and James Scott to discuss how meaning is determined in power-inequal relationships. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 10 page paper that begins with an introduction of general comments about losing a child. It also explains that the paper is written according to Kolb's Model with each section identified. The essay discusses the link between religion and spirituality and coping with the loss of a child. The empirical results of studies ...


  • 12 page paper

This 12 page paper discusses the influence that religion has on the development of identity, in accordance with ethnicity. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 15 page paper on the factors that make up self-concept in each country. The writer describes how the mythology, religion, social setting, child-rearing and concepts of success define who people are in each culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This 12 presents a comparison study that found the African American mother of low socio-economic status o be the most likely candidate for using cocaine during pregnancy. Knowing this, programs and strategies may be implemented targeting that specific population for assistance with pre-natal care and drug dependency treatment as an alternative to prosecution and incarceration. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of Hoetink's book and relates the context of the book to Hoetink's obvious knowledge and understanding of sociological issues in the Caribbean. Issues concerning the region and the specific sociological implications of these issues within the context modern history are examined. No additional sources ...

A 3 page essay discussing the causes and 'cures' of scapegoating. It is essentially posited that those individuals who create a scapegoat to serve as the focus of their aggression, guilt, or fear are acting on the basis of needing to assign blame and vindicate themselves from any implication of wrong-doing or responsibility. ...

Eros And Civilization

  • 3 page paper

Civilization, as well as the individual, is capable of personal evolution, including the ability to redefine the future based on the knowledge gained from experience. This 3 page paper asserts that Herbert Marcuse, in Eros and Civilization confronts the arguments presented by Sigmund Freud in Civilization And Its Discontents, finding that Freud's interpretation of the repressive nature of civilization was ...

This 8 page paper considers the issue of the reporting of incidence of violence and provides four charts that meet APA criteria and outline specific responses to questions on violence. This paper provides demonstrative graphs to be utilized in a study and underscores the importance of the statistical representations outlined.

A 5 page contention that Freudian theory has a diversity of applications to the aesthetics of art. Of these, however, the concept of revenants is perhaps the most obvious in the greatest number of art pieces. While revenants could be a component of any art form, they are most interesting when viewed in ...

This 3-page sample essay supports the argument that community services are needed to help older students with learning disabilities make the transition into mainstream society. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 9 page paper. A family is a complex system comprised of interdependent members. This essay begins by discussing the family, the subsystems and their boundaries and the interaction within the family environment and the larger environment. The essay reports studies on problem solving and provides suggestions for problem solving and conflict management strategies ...

A 10 page paper. The loss of a child is the most devastating, the most stressful experience a person can have. This essay begins by reporting data regarding the numbers of infants and children who die each year. The essay then explains the types of guilt the parent suffers, the grieving process of parents, ...

A 5 page essay that discusses the causes of violence behavior. The writer reports on an essay by Roy F. Baumeister, in which the author relates the details of his research on violent behavior, which refutes the hypothesis that aggressive action is due to low self-esteem. No bibliography is provided.

This 7 page paper is a response to the question of whether or not identical twins, separated at birth and receiving no outside influence of any kind, would years later write identical essays. This paper, based on gene selection and developmental systems theory, asserts that no, the twins would not write identical essays. ...

A 3 page paper which Discusses the essay Breakdown by Florence King. The paper argues that King is likely too hard in this essay and making points that are not necessarily very valid. Bibliography lists 2 additional sources.

An 8 page paper. This paper discusses two motivation theorists, each of whom offers a model based on needs - Maslow's hierarchy of needs and McClelland's Theory of Needs. After describing the models of needs and comparing and contrasting them, the essay offers comments on how these needs are applicable at work. The essay provides ...

This 6 page paper details the impacts gender and culture can have on effective communication. Workplace communication can be affected by each. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

THis 4-page paper focuses on certain issues in public communication including communication apprehension (both normal and high); techniques a presenter can do to lower fear of public speaking and what source credibility its. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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