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9 pages in length. With its roots in America, German rap and hip hop have grown throughout the years to incorporate many and various interpretations. Both mainstream and underground groups are represented in Germany, with a bigger emphasis placed on mainstream acceptance. The writer discusses how rap and hip hop have infiltrated ...

A 2 page paper that considers the impact of Salsa music on Latino children in the US and then compares this to the impact on children in Latin America. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Salsa

5 pages in length. To say that much has changed within the motion picture industry over the past century would be a grand understatement. Ever since the advent of the moving picture, crafty developers and creative directors have endeavored to perfect what has come to be one of the most popular and influential mediums ...

A 10 page paper that provides an overview of two of the films by Malle and Godard and reflects upon the mis-en-scene and the role of women in each. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

An 8 page paper discussing the film industry's pre-Hollywood days, when nearly all movies were made in the East. Astoria studio is highlighted in discussing the state of the industry and the stars of the day, most of whom hated having to move to California where there was largely a cultural wasteland. Gloria ...


  • 25 page paper

A 25 page paper discussing art films and commercial films. Commercial films are described as films which most of the public has access to. They are films which are designed to entertain and uplift. They are also offer a major escape from daily reality. The art film is usually a thought provoking, and often disturbing, ...

A 12 page overview of the film industry focusing on the legal, economic and technical means of production, and the ways in which film is distributed in the current marketplace. The writer discusses this in terms of recent changes in the industry and how these changes have affected the business decisions behind distribution. ...

An 8 page paper discussing movies and the home entertainment industry, with concentration on the video rental and sales market segments. The paper gives an overview of the industry and briefly discusses the recent business results of four major companies involved in the industry: Fox, Disney, Time Warner and Universal. Short ...

United Artists

  • 5 page paper

The birth of the company is discussed in a 5 page paper. Background information, political climate, reasons for the formation of the studio that was created by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith, are all included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A 4 page comparative of these three actor/directors. The writer posits that the three compare in performing their own stunts, and perfectionist preparation of scenes. Their personal lives vary somewhat, but their intent is to perform their art. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Abbot & Costello

  • 8 page paper

An 8 page discussion of Bud Abbot and Lou Costello and their important contributions to American Humor. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Abbot &

A 5 page character analysis of Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden, played by Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds. The characters are analyzed individually, together and with respect to the story-line and theme of the film Singin' in the Rain. No bibliography.

This 15 page paper analyzes the Gotta Dance/Broadway Melody sequence in the 1952 film, Singin' in the Rain. The sequence just prior to this one is discussed in terms of its importance to the meaning of the Gotta Dance sequence. The scenes are described and analyzed for effectiveness and meaning in the film as a ...

A 6 page argumentative essay that Woodrow Wilson was supportive of D.W. Griffith's racist film because the nation needed a reminder of its recent past—to fight internal imperialism. The author discusses the film in both artistic and thematic terms, and how at least part of Griffith's intent supported Wilson's view for the future of ...

A 12 page paper which charts the evolution of the Hollywood studio system following World War I and examines why it became the dominant force in world cinema. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

A 7 page paper on sexism, the "gender war," and the overall treatment of women in film. "Boomerang," "A Stranger Among Us,"and "Man Trouble," are among the many movies used to illustrate the writer's points. Stereotypes and the subtly of sexism are explained as the writer presents some recommended suggestions for change. Bibliography lists ...

Hispanic Women In Film

  • 8 page paper

Hispanic women portrayed in American film are discussed in this 8 page paper. Pointed out is the fact that while women's roles have evolved in the industry the Hispanic female is still stereotyped and little work is available for serious Spanish actresses. The releases of such movies as Selena and Evita are discussed. Bibliography lists ...

This 27 page research paper explores the contributions of women directors to American cinema. Specifically discussed are the films of Lois Weber, Dorothy Arzner, Ida Lupino, Elaine May, Joan Micklin Silver, Claudia Weill and Susan Seidelman and their depiction of male and female characters. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

The Postmodern Film

  • 12 page paper

This 12 page paper looks at the postmodern film and its essential elements. Also discussed is the difficulty inherent in defining the term "postmodern." Several contemporary movies are analyzed in detail including The Crying Game, Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction. Bibliography cites 12+ sources.

A 100 page research paper which argues that the films of director Andrei Tarkovsky is best understood as visual poetry rather then as films told in the usual narrative tradition. In order to effectively argue this position, the writer first presents a history of the cinema, a brief history of poetry, and a detailed look ...

Third World Film

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page exploration of third world film as a revolutionary vehicle, as well as an aesthetic art form. The writer posits that the importance of the revolutionary themes is what sets third world films apart from the more glamorous films of developed countries. The paper focuses on a brief catalog of filmmakers, ...

This 5 page research paper examines the evolution of motion picture comedy by discussing the major works of Charles Chaplin, The Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers and Woody Allen. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

This 5 page research paper examines how films created myths concerning the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Specifically discussed are films such as Apocalypse Now (1979) and Full Metal Jacket (1987), and the myths they created and exposed for audiences. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 7 page report discusses three Vietnam War movies in the context of their symbology and the ways in which they represent the attitudes of Americans directly involved in the war and those presenting their cinemagraphic viewpoints of a war that did not have the simplistic good guy against bad guy scenario. By the late ...

This 6 page research paper examines two different war films made in two different decades, The Green Berets (1968) and Casualties of War (1989). Specifically discussed are how the two films reflect the decades in which each were made, the world at the time, changes in audience tastes, etc. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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