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Choosing a Network

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page paper considers the hypothetical situation of a company looking for a network. The paper looks at the choices and makes recommendation for both the hardware and the software as well as the configuration of the network. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

A 6 page research paper that defines, contrasts and compares object-oriented database systems versus relational database systems. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Python in a Nutshell

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page easy to understand paper defines the computer language known as python, looking at what it is and how it operates before going on to compare it with other similar languages such as Java and C++. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

Protecting Databases

  • 12 page paper

This 12 page paper delves into Internet security issues as it concerns the integrity of databases. Database security is discussed in depth. Authentication is a large part of the discussion along with the problem of using back doors. Solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

8 pages in length. Computer technology has become a significant part of life. Indeed, there is no denying that its very presence has drastically altered humanity's existence throughout the latter part of the twentieth century. Through a number of developments, computers have not only become integral components of virtually every aspect of a ...

(8pp includes 2 comparative visuals) To be successful in the design professions requires not only talent and creativity, but a careful balance of technical skill, business sense and artistic expression. One hopes to find this balance in the professional area of architecture. Computer aided design (CAD) is a valuable tool in ...

This 7 page paper considers the functionality, what information is can provide, the collection storage and retrieval of that data as well examples of its' practical use and limitation when accessed through a common gateway interface (CGI) on the internet. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

This 11 page paper considers the use of information systems. The writer begins by considering what is meant by information systems, and then goes on to survey the way that they work and the different ways in which they are used. Example of real uses are cited throughout the paper. The bibliography cites 6 ...

Data Storage Choices

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page paper examines the different storage solutions that may be used to retain data. The options discussed include Iomega Jaz drives, Zip Drives, CD-R technology, CD-RW technology and 8mm tape machines. Information includes the costs, storage capacity durability and data transfer speeds. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

This 5 page report discusses Geocast Network Systems and the problems it encountered as it introduced a new concept and product for data transmission. Given the dynamic nature of the business environment, companies must never make the mistake of thinking that strategies that have proven successful in the past will be effective for all time. Geocast failed to understand that having ...


  • 8 page paper

8 pages in length. Since the invention of computer technology, people have been searching for ways to incorporate the Internet into their daily lives. The problem at hand, however, was addressing the needs of those who either did not want to learn all the computer skills or were not able to fully understand ...

A 10 page research paper that, first of all, defines information systems (IS), and then analyzes the role that IS plays within the commercial real estate industry. To illustrate this role, the use of IS within the realm of appraisal reviewer is discussed in depth. Types of information systems that are also highlighted are ...

5 pages in length. The writer discusses the basics of functional, logic, imperative and object oriented computer programming languages. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A nine page paper which looks at the way in which the computer industry has developed over the years, and why particular advances in technology such as the invention of the printed circuit board and the silicon chip have played such a significant part not only in the increased speed and efficiency of modern machines, ...

This 5 page report discusses a fictional company called DataNet Solutions that intends to become Cisco-certified through the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program to expand proficiency in installing, configuring, and operating Cisco-based simple routed LANs, routed WANs, and switched LANs. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The way of the future is digitalization. This 8 page paper argues that the future is not known and cannot be known; however, there are a number of concerns that can be addressed as they pertain to the digitalization of public documents. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Microsoft Windows NT

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page report discusses one version of the Windows’ family, Windows NT and its server processes. The viewpoint of the report is that Windows NT has created numerous headaches for its users in terms of its security weaknesses and its problems with rebooting. It may prove to be extremely successful for Microsoft, however, since so many users will want to ...

This 5 page paper considers the arguments for an against the use off AI to create zombies. There is agreement regarding the logical possibility, but few believe that the physical zombie will be possible. The writer examines this by using Selmer Bringsjord's work ' Real Robots and the Missing Thought Experiment in the Chinese ...

Seymour Cray

  • 4 page paper

A 4 page research paper that outlines the career and accomplishments of Seymour Cray. Cray's innovative designs led the way throughout the 1960s and 70s toward ever-faster computers during the heyday of his career. A genius at computer design, his work was pivotal to the development of the computer industry. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A paper which looks at the specific requirements of a firm of building contractors with regard to the installation of a computerised accounting system, and the particular financial transactions which the system would be required to incorporate. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

For any who have endured the history of robots on television, the possibility of artificial intelligence in conjunction with the needs of society is very real. This 5 page paper explores the opinion of Neil Frude in his essay, The Intimate Machine, when he argues that the computer is certainly capable of evolving to the point where it does, ...

This 5 page paper compares and contrasts the IBM personal computer and the Macintosh personal computer. A little background is provided for each company, along with selected 2000 fiscal data and market shares. The writer concludes with issues that are common knowledge among personal computer users. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 5 page paper answers two questions posed by a student in Q&A format. The first question is about how computer literacy is essential for health care professionals and the second is a description of ways in which information technology has changed data storage and research. Bibliography lists 5 ...

16 pages in length. There is practically nothing that computers do not influence in one manner or another, which has caused society to render itself dependent upon its constant application. Through Brian Winston's model for technological innovations, the student can readily understand how society has had – and continues to have – a ...

This 12 page paper looks at the issues that may be considered when there is to be integration of resource information management, Clinical information systems and fincial systems within a healthcare organisation The paper included definitions of the systems and considers aspects such as security, training and examples of the benefits of integration for ...

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