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Some Barriers to Effective Implementation of a Safety Management System within an Airline Environment

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There are many pressures for constant change and implementation of new safety procedures in the airline industry. This 8 page paper looks at some of the barriers, including barriers at national level and the ICAO and the internal organizational barriers to change. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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than others. One industry in which it can become very visible is the airline industry, images of a crashed aircraft make dramatic pictures and will often reach the global news. However, safety is not only a way of preventing the major disasters; it is also required to prevent small accidents that are not newsworthy. This does not mean it is not important, and where there are safety measures that protect life and property at any level. However in any industry there will be barriers to the implementation of new safety procedures. Often they may be seen as unnecessary, and if there have been no accidents or incidents the increased safety will have little or no value to those who have to implement the changes. If those who benefit are different stakeholders from those whop implement the changes this can also increase the barriers to change. The airline industry is likely any other, changes can be resisted. In this industry major changes, as seen with the changes as a result of the terrorist attacks may be accepted as necessary, there is a clear understanding of why the change is needed and the benefit of the change. However, smaller changes are more likely to meet with resistance, especially in an industry where there has already be a high level of change and the staff may be feeling fatigue from the change. If they feel there is no immediate personal benefit or visible benefit then the resistance is likely to be deeper. The resistance may be in two main forms, that of the barriers that may be used as reason s to resist the change and the cultural barriers. We can look at each individually. There are many practicalities that may discourage changes in the adoption of safety standards. One of ...

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