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This 5 page report discusses the most positive ways of communicating personal educational and professional goals in a letter to a university’s admissions office. It is important that a student outline his/her reasons for their educational interest and express a measure of enthusiasm about their prospects. No additional sources.

Admission Essay

  • 4 page paper

This 4 page paper provides an overview of an admissions essay for a MSW program. This paper outlines the specifics for one person and provides a solid example of this kind of writing.

An 8 page tutorial guide designed to help a student answer admissions essay-type questions pertaining to a graduate degree in social work. No bibliography is provided.

A 3 page essay that offers a student guidance in applying to graduate school in order to obtain a master's in public health, with a focus in environmental health. No bibliography is included.

An Admissions Essay

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page paper provides an overview of an admissions essay for a transfer student. This paper outlines one approach to describing the desire to transfer.

A 3 page college admission essay describing a track meet accident that changed the life of the student. The accident ended his ability to take part in pole vaulting, but the effects of the accident ultimately had lasting, positive effects on his life. No sources listed.

This 3 page paper provides an overview of what a student might seek in other students that would support their educational achievement.

This 3 page paper provides an overview of D'Souza's article about the nature of race relations and whether or not race should be a consideration in college and university admissions. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

This 3 page essay provides a student applying for admission to the Master's degree program in School Counseling at Andrews University with an example of how to craft his admissions essay. There is no bibliography.

A 3 page essay that discusses how a student can present his or her particular "passion." The writer suggests that students can focus their admissions essay on a passion for learning and knowledge. No bibliography provided.

A 3 page essay in which the writer offers a student suggestions on how to write an admissions essay that stresses environmental stewardship. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Life in Discovery

  • 2 page paper

This 2 page paper provides an overview of the concept of a life in discovery as a part of an admissions essay.

Why Study an MSW

  • 4 page paper

This 4 page paper provides an overview of an admissions essay for an MSW program. This paper integrates fictitious material about the student and demonstrates the way to write a solid essay for admissions in a MSW program.

This 4 page paper considers why a student would have an interest in Harvard School of Medicine. This is an admission essay.

A 3 page essay that offers a student suggests and prompts on how to write an admissions essay to graduate school for a masters in student affairs administration. No bibliography is offered.

This 7 page paper provides an example of how to write an educational concentration rationale and an educational autobiography. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 3 page essay begins with a brief autobiography of the student researching this topic, describing personal history and attitudes towards writing. After this roughly 1.5 page section of the paper, a reaction to Bradley Philbert's "Good" is presented, which focuses on how Philbert conveys his grief at having to have his dog put down. ...

This 3 page paper is a socioautobiography, tracing the impact of adoption on the student, as well as discussing her realization of who her family is, and her desire for her children to be in the ingroup at school. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 4 page essay offers the student an example of how the student might choose to describe her personal biography. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 5 page creative writing sample essay that offers an example of how to write autobiographically. The writer offers 5 memories of childhood and as a young adult that shaped the individual in the present. No bibliography is offered.

Personal Description

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page paper provides an example of a personal biography.

Pope Leo XIII

  • 5 page paper

Written as if Pope Leo XIII is telling his own story, this 5 page paper provides a brief biography of the pope as a person and how he influenced the course of Roman Catholic church history. Bibliography lists three sources.

This 3 page paper is a letter explaining why a personal care home is going out of business.

This article explicates an article by H.C. Barrett on electronic portfolios and online assessment management systems. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 4 page paper provides an overview of the experience of one student in a general class called Systems Acquisition, Systems Development and Project Management. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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