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10 pages in length. The writer discusses who establishing and maintaining corporate ethics is indeed paramount to continued success, both on a personal and professional level. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

11 pages in length. Differing attitudes toward the concept of nature significantly impact upon ideas of control and power as they relate to specific countries and business organizations, inasmuch as there is no way to escape the influence that nature has upon virtually every aspect of life. Typically, cultural elements represent the primary ...

5 pages in length. The writer discusses the detrimental impact hazardous chemicals have upon the environment, as well as addresses current rectifying positions American businesses are taking on the issue. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

( 10 pp) Whether it is a class assignment, or an event in the outside world, determining what and how to deal with any ethical situation is difficult. First because we question our own perception of the event - did I really just see that? Did it really happen? Second, because if ...

5 pages in length. The writer discusses how ethical decision-making goes hand in hand with sound business judgment, yet this is not a concept always followed. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 9 page paper turning to philosophy for deciding how best to deal with a business downturn that indicates the layoff of several hundred employees. The union wants layoffs to be based on seniority; operations wants to divest the poorest performers. The CFO favors laying off most employees and sourcing production in Asia, but one group has ...

This 9 page paper considers the way in which a decision making model may vary, and how an individual can be seen as needing more than profit. A profit maximisation model ignores the need for man to be happy with the decision he makes, and as such morals and ethics must also be a part ...

A 5 page paper applying Kant, Mill and Hume to business. As the face of business continues to change, judging events and actions in the same manner they previously have been viewed can lead to errant conclusions. Returning to the old philosophers can give insight on ethics in business today. The old philosophers had no knowledge ...

A 7 page research paper that posits that Sun-tzu's The Art of War contains principles that can guide modern business in today's competitive market. The writer defends this thesis and expands on it, arguing that Sun-tzu's principles of war can provide a framework for cooperation leading to prosperity for all stakeholders. Bibliography lists 4 sources. ...

Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility: This 8-page essay examines some of the issues germane to the morality of income inequality between societies, and its relevance to corporate responsibility. There are ways to counter inequity in the global context and to carry out ethical discipleship – beginning with the understanding that it is an economic ...

This 7 page report discusses an organization’s obligation to carefully examine the ethics of their decisions in business. Most moral philosophy and ethical behaviors begin with the proposition that there are certain responsibilities that individuals must adhere to simply by virtue of their own humanity. Obviously, such a proposition also applies to the workplace. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Russian Business

  • 5 page paper

This 5 page paper explores the issues of diversity, resources and ethics within the Russian business community. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

This paper discusses whether businesses can successfully sustain ethical behavior and morals while earning a profit. The paper demonstrates examples of businesses that have behaved unethically, and attempts to define how a business should examine ethical behavior.

This 10 page paper considers if the argument that ethical or moral business decisions detract from profit generation within a commercial organisation. The writer argues for and against this stance using the arguments including those of Milton Friedman and citing cases such as the Brent Spa oil platform. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

This 5 page paper discuses the business of business and specifically, addresses the ethical question of using assets in philanthropic ways. Adam Smith's invisible hand theory is explained, a theory Smith himself did not believe in. Milton Friedman's opposition to corporate philanthropy is discussed as is stakeholder theory. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

5 pages. This paper introduces the serious topic of environmental issues as they have to do with business and corporations. While there are environmental laws in effect, it is up to the businesses in most cases to police themselves. Are they doing this and do businesses care more about the environment or their ...

Ethics in Business

  • 10 page paper

This 10 page paper considers different ethical perspective in business. This is undertaken by reviewing three articles, one each on ethics in information technology, corporate citizenship and sustainable development. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

Business ethics

  • 5 page paper

A paper which summarises an article describing research into ethical predispositions in different types of business organisations, which concludes that there is more evidence of ethical codes being utilised in larger and more formally structured organsations than in smaller and more flexible ones.

This 5 page report discusses a situation in which a company CEO is notified that a product produced by the company may be dangerous by the company’s safety engineer. The CEO informs the corporate attorney. Now what? A very brief overview of the philosophies of Mill, Hobbes, and Kant are presented. The argument made is ...

5 pages. International business requires the same type of business ethics that one would expect to find in any business. Even more so, it is important to understand the host country and what is required in doing business in a different country. This paper explains all of this and more, citing examples ...

5 pages. There have been many repercussions from the corporate scandals that have rocked America in the last year. One of these is the problem faced when corporate executives have different agendas for the same company. This paper examines the problems that can occur when exactly this happens, and executives don't trust ...

This 3 page paper is a brief example of how a crisis management team might handle a situation in which their product has an ingredient in it that has potential harmful side effects. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 7 page paper examines organizational ethics on a variety of fronts. Various issues are examined. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 7-page paper compares two articles on the subject of business ethics: "Entering the Third Age of Ethics by Rushworth Kidder and Curtis Verschoor and "Christian Character: A Different Approach to Business Ethics" by Sondra Wheeler. The paper notes that each of the papers has a different view on ethics. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

An 8 page paper discussing awareness and use of ethics and critical thinking in arriving at ethical business decisions. As the face of all American business underwent monumental change in the 1970s and 1980s, it appears to be poised to undergo still another wave of change in the form of greater attention to corporate ...

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