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William Carey: Pioneer Missionary To India

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A 5 page paper. This paper is a book review of: William Carey: Pioneer Missionary by E.A. Annett. It provides a biography of Carey highlighting his youth and transition into Christianity, his unofficial ministering and then officially as a minister, his desire to preach outside the country (UK) and his troubles and successes in India. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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9, 1834 in Serampur, India (Annett, 2000). His father was a weaver but when William was about six years old, his father gained the position of parish clerk and schoolmaster (Annett, 2000). He was a wiry boy who was very active in sports; he also had a high level of perseverance, unwilling to give up on anything (Annett, 2000). As a boy, William loved to read non-fiction books, particularly those dealing with science or history (Annett, 2000). He shunned religious books as much as he did fiction (Annett, 2000). He preached even as a boy but it was not about religious topics, it was on things like Captain Cook (Annett, 2000). William gained knowledge of horticulture from his grandfather (Annett, 2000). This was a skill he would later use in his missionary work. But, even with his extended self-education, his powers of observation and his knowledge of Nature, at age 12, William joined his peers working in agriculture (Annett, 2000). He hated it and by the time he was 14, he had gained an apprenticeship with a shoemaker in a neighboring town (Annett, 2000). While he preferred this work to working in the fields, he soon joined the men around him in "lying, swearing, and other sins" (Annett, 2000, p. 12). It was not until William had to seek new employment because his employer died that he began to take an interest in religion (Annett, 2000). His new boss was dedicated to attending chapel and prayer meetings (Annett, 2000). William soon accompanied him to these settings, which awakened so much passion in William that he began attending chapel three times each Sunday (Annett, 2000). He not only attended the prayer meetings, he began to pray earnestly on his own (Annett, 2000). Eventually, after about two years, William accepted Jesus ...

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