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This 3 page paper examines sites and their usability factors. Usability is defined. The three web sites examined are: Usability.Gov, Transparency, and Jakob Nielsen Biography. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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is well organized. The organization of a site must be clear to both the beginning student and the professional. Similar to writing, organization is key to disseminating information properly. What is usability exactly? Usability is considered to be the following: " Usability measures the quality of a users experience when interacting with a product or system-whether a Web site, a software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device" ("Usability.Gov," 2008). In exploring the issue of usability, three web sites will be examined: Usability.Gov, Transparency, and Jakob Nielsen Biography. II. Usability.Gov Interestingly, the first site to be evaluated is Usability.Gov, a site that is designed to help people to create usable web sites. How usable is this site? The site is well organized. One may have to click one or two times to find the definition of usability, for example, but certainly the answer is clear when finally accessed. In other words, there is little information at the home page, but a few clicks will reveal answers to questions about usability and related subjects. There are categories such as Usability Basics, Research-Based Guidelines, Templates, Examples and Methods ("Usability.Gov," 2008). Because the home page is designed with little superfluous writing, the user is able to access desired information almost instantly. One can say that this site has a high usability factor. III. Transparency At first glance, it is not clear as to what the Transparency site is about, even though it says that it is a site "that tries to make things clear" ("Transparency," 2008). The home page is long, so one has to scroll down in order to see everything. Because all categories cannot be seen at a glance, one has to maneuver the page in order to find appropriate categories. For example, if one ...

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