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This 8 page paper examines the life of artist and designer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Specifically, this paper analyzes his link to the Contructivism movement, Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 7 page paper discussing the way Irving Stone presented the life of Van Gogh in this bio-history. It compares Stone's version of one particular incident to those of two other Van Gogh biographers, and also includes the viewpoints of several other critics who have commented on Stone's handling of his genre. Bibliography lists 7 ...

A 3 page paper which examines the life and work of current contemporary artist Walton Ford. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Rembrandt Night Watch

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page paper provides a brief biography of Rembrandt and explores the humanistic theme in and his famous painting Night Watch. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 1914 painting by Juan Gris hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In this 6 page paper, a brief biography of the artist is followed by an interpretation of the piece. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

  • 3 page paper

A 3 page essay that offers a brief biography of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci and then discusses his masterpiece "The Mona Lisa." Bibliography lists 3 sources.

7 pages in length. Elisabeth Sophie Chéron is the main topic of this interesting documnent on the women of early modern Europe. Rather than being a biography of her life, it argues a clear thesis of the fact that the female of that time was as socially and creatively strong as her male counterparts. Bibliography lists 3 ...

5 pages in length. The writer provides a short biography of Raphael, a brief description of the painting, as well as discusses color, light and line as they relate to the masterpiece. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 4 page research paper that examines the Enthroned Virgin and Child by Pietro Lorenzetti (1290-1348). The writer discusses the biography and the culture of the Sienese school, of which Lorenzetti was a part, as well as detailed the qualities of this work. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 4 page paper analyzes Repin's They Did not Expect Him. Brief biography given of Repin. Analysis includes stylistic elements. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A 12 page paper (11 pp. + 1 page outline) which provides a biography of the artist, a detailed description of painting, and considers the effects it had on the modern world. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Jacques-Louis David

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page essay/research paper offers a brief biography of David and then discusses and analyzes 2 works: "The Oath of the Horatii" and "Paris and Helen." Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Salvadore Dali

  • 5 page paper

5 page biography and discussion of the 20th century Spanish surrealist painter, Salvadore Dali. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Philip Guston

  • 8 page paper

An 8 page research paper that offers a brief biography of 20th century American artist Philip Guston, analyses of his work and then a discussion of criticism and critical interpretation. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Artist Yoko Ono

  • 3 page paper

A 3 page paper which provides a brief biography, then concentrates on describing one of the artist’s signature works. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This 5 page report discusses Maya Lin, the woman who designed the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. while still only an undergraduate student at Yale. Her accomplishments serve as a powerful metaphor for the American women's movement which has shown the power a unique woman's vision can present for an entire nation. Bibliography lists ...

4 pages in length. Eclectic in both personal and professional style, Goldin's work is instrument in setting precedents where other photographers have typically been too self-conscious of or untouched by the inherent power of normal human behavior. The show, which displays four dozen color and black/white photographs spanning Goldin's career, set the stage ...

A 5 page discussion of the influence of God and religion on the surrealistic art of Salvador Dali. Contends that Dali struggled to integrate his spiritual beliefs with his ever-growing interests in sciences. Contrasts his efforts with those of Sigmund Freud and artist like Fyodor Dostoevsky who seemed intent of proving that God ...

A 3 page overview of the impact of the Renaissance on Art, Religion and Society. Notes the importance in the move away from the concept of papal primacy imposed by the Roman Catholic Church but emphasizes that even after the Reformation, the Protestant Revolution of the 1600s, art was still largely bound by the ...

( 10 pp) in 1941, Dalí moved beyond his esoteric, surrealist style in order to make a more universal artistic statement. His interest shifted from personal obsessions to universal themes, and he became fascinated by religion and modern science . Dalí summarized this shift by saying that he intended "to become classic," for, ...

A six page paper which looks at the importance of athletics and athletes in ancient Greece, discusses how the canon of Polykleitos advanced the form of sculpture from the Archaic level, and considers how closely the Diadumenos illustrates the canon in comparison to the Doryphorus of Polykleitos. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Sesostris III

  • 36 page paper

A paper which looks at the British Museum statue of Sesostris III, in the context of ancient Egyptian social culture in general and Sesostris' reign in particular. The focus of the paper is on the development of art in ancient Egypt, the relationship between identity and representation, and the ways in which the statue can ...

An 8 page overview of the life and dance style of Martha Graham. The author contends that although Graham's style is most often remembered as being shaped by the ancient cultures such as those she portrayed in "Xochitl", this view is an oversimplification of the factors that shaped a very complex woman and dance style. ...

A 5 page research paper that compares two Renaissance works ñ the painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo and 'School of Athens' by Raphael. The writer argues that both of these works display the Renaissance fascination with ancient Greek philosophy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 99mic&ra.wps

A 2 page overview of the individual galleries and collective exhibits at the National Museum of American Art of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. The history and purpose of the Renwick Gallery are examined most closely. No Bibliography.

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