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This 3 page paper examines how religion has affected art, politics, and science during this period in European history. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A five page paper which looks critically at Yearley's perspective on religious plurality and the need for a 'new virtue' of spiritual regret. Bibliography lists 1 source

This 9 page paper discusses three articles that appeared in the Journal of Contemporary Religion in 2002. The first article by Bruce, Praying Alone? Church-Going in Britain and the Putnam Thesis, spurred the responses of two other authors. This essay also discusses Robert Putnam's thesis regarding the decline in voluntary associations among the populous and ...

A 3 page paper which examines the model of integration as it concerns the relationship between science and religion. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 5 page report discusses what determines whether or not a text is “sacred” and the commonalities that exist between sacred texts of very different religions and belief systems. The concept of “sacred” does not have to be determined in relationship to religion. Religion is just one of many possible ways for a person to have an experience of the sacred. ...


  • 6 page paper

The controversial issue is explored in this 6 page paper. Three countries, Japan, Italy and the United States are considered along with three religions of Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism. The thesis maintains that the influence of religion concerning abortion exists throughout the world among various religions and has served to ironically increase abortion by ...

Christianity and Slavery

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page research paper that examines the role that religion played during the time when the institution of slavery was first being established in this country. The writer argues that this can be seen from two distinctly different points of view. First of all, there is the role that religion played for whites in ...

In three pages this paper examines the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution in terms of its reference to religion, considers the marginalization of religion from public and civic spheres, assesses whether or not the notion of a separation of church and state is at odds with the vision of America’s founding fathers, and discusses ...

This 8 page paper considers how religion has made the world a predominately patriarchal society which has facilitated the abuse of women many forms. The paper considers physical abuse, mental abuse and abuse through the withholding of basic human rights. Religions discussed include Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

This 5 page paper focuses on Earthseed, the religion Lauren creates and preaches. The writer discusses why Lauren needs religious element in her life and the principles and ideas on which Earthseed is founded. The writer end by commenting on the potential success of Earthseed as a religion in today's world. Bibliography lists 1 source. ...

A five page paper which looks at the works of Durkheim, Marx and Weber, their assessment of the way that religious belief systems develop and the function of religion within social cultures, and the way in which religion influences social and political aspects of American culture in the present day. Bibliography lists 2 sources

Modern Judaism

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page paper discussing the characteristics and origins of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism as it exists in today’s world. What constitutes Judaism can be confusing for non-Jews. While we Gentiles and others consider a Jew to be a member of one of the world’s leading religions, we often forget that Jewishness ...

The Concept of God

  • 8 page paper

In this, the 'new age', more and more individuals are defining their lives by their spirituality. Whether God is a personalized amalgamation of several concepts or is defined within the precepts of an organized religion, the concept of God is central to the lives of a great many people. This 8 page paper ...

A 9 page paper that discusses microhistorical events of the early to mid-16th century by discussing three specific books: Ginzburg's The Cheese and the Worm: The Cosmos of a Sixteenth Century Miller; Davis' The Return of Martin Guerre; and Nalle's Mad for God: Bartolome Sanchez, the Secret Messiah of Cardenete. The paper comments on ...

Manifested Behavior

  • 7 page paper

The manifestation of collective behavior whose purpose is transformation, either personal or social is seen in social movements, religion and education. This 7 page paper explores these three areas. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 4 page paper that explains four views: mutual opposition, exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism. The writer comments on whether each view promotes tolerance and diversity. A brief discussion of religion and science is provided and each of the four views is related to these debates. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 3-page paper presents the argument that religion should not be taught in public schools. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 4 page paper considers some works that student has addressed in class and how it has influenced their world view. Religion is discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 4 page contention that "ecause of the dramatic move away from our conservative basis, because of the increase in prominence of groups that differ from that conservative basis, we have become more aware of the upswing in interest regarding conservative and fundamentalist religions". This contention is analyzed from a functionalists and a conflict

This 6 page paper looks at religious minorities in America. The primary focus is on how such sects are portrayed by media. Catholicism, Santeria and Judaism are a few of the religions included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

5 pages. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast Christianity and Buddhism. Zen Buddhism oftentimes is called a religion; sometimes it is called a philosophy. Whichever term people use, they are both correct in their own way. Historically, Zen Buddhism originates in the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

This 7 page paper argues that the Islamic religion is considered to be a fundamentalist organization whereas the Nation of Islam in the United States is considered t be a nationalist organization. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A 5 page essay that offers a book review and discussion of Harris's The End of Faith, Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason, which, first of all, examines the areas of the author's argument in which, Harris is shockingly frank, but undeniably correct, before addressing the point at which Harris strays into propositions ...

This 6-page paper focuses on questions regarding religious tolerance and church-state issues. Specifically, the paper questions if some religions are more tolerant of democracy than others, and if there is such thing as church in a liberal democratic government. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 6 page essay summarizing and analyzing Stephen L. Carter's "Culture of Disbelief" -- a book suggesting that American legislation and jurisprudence for the last generation have been trying hard to exclude from public affairs any religious voice whatsoever. Excellent reading for those studying various constitutional issues and freedom of religion. Full citation for ...

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