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This 4 page paper argues that The Confessions of Augustine and The Life Of St. Teresa of Jesus are able to be accepted within the realm of philosophical rhetoric because of their willingness to explore their lives and beliefs in an effort to teach others rather than merely to present their experiences. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The philosophies of three biographers, James Strassmaier, Catherine N. Parke, and Jean Edward Smith, lend themselves to the creation of biography. It is the observance of shared lessons learned by others that appeals to the contemporary mind, but also the art of storytelling, that maintains the age-old desire for exploring biography. Exploration includes Plutarch and ...

Annotated bibliography and overview of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Bibliography lists 10 sources. JV12nites.rtf

Book I: Paradise Lost

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page paper which analyzes the author, Milton's, objectives in the presentation of Book I of "Paradise Lost." The paper focuses on the character of Satan as an object which allows us to better understand Milton's objectives. The objectives of Milton are argued to be those which address mankind's ability to be evil, the ...

A 5 page paper which examines Joseph Campbell’s notion of monomyth as seen in his work The Power of Myth. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 5 page paper which examines the power of women in each tale, to determine if they can be regarded as feminist works. No additional sources are used.

A 5 page paper which discusses the power of fate and responsibility in Sophocles' Theban plays. The paper illustrates how Sophocles appears to have been of the belief that fate was sometimes unavoidable, but that the individual had a responsibility in regards to their actions. 1 additional source cited.

A 5 page assertion that these Homeric Hymns are exemplary of one particular stage in the evolution of the way the world viewed gods, religions, and mythologies. Contends that not only do these hymns provide a primary source of information about Greek religion and belief, their primary purpose is to explain how timai (power) ...

This 5 page paper takes a look at both works to support the thesis that while power is essentially a theme for both works, the charismatic aspects in each is substantial. The concept of charisma is examined. No additional sources cited.

A 5 page paper that examines which of these three women has the most power over Sir Gawain. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 12 page paper which examines how male and female power are represented in Sophocles' tragic play, "Antigone." Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Analyzing Thucydides

  • 6 page paper

In order to move people, either into an emotional agreement or into action, the words must go beyond the rules of grammar and form. This 6 page paper argues that Thucydides, in his History Of The Peloponnesian War, sees the defeat of Athens as a result of a degeneration of morals and the death of reason at the ...

A 5 page paper comparing these two works in terms of their conceptions of heroism. The paper concludes that both authors share a sense that true heroism has a spiritual component that goes beyond fame and power. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 4 page report discusses the idea that ancient myths, because of their fundamental universality, are still the foundation of many of the plots, adventures, and stories that make up the drama of the modern age. Super-human strength, romantic liaisons between forces of great power, and battles between titans are all a part of the mythos of modern life. What is ...

This 3 page paper discusses the themes of love, religion and politics in Sophocles’ play “Antigone.” Bibliography lists 2 sources.

This 5 page paper discusses the function that religion performs in Dante's "Inferno" and argues that the poem makes no sense unless it is seen as a work set in a religious framework.Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 3 page paper which examines how religious the people were in medieval times based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Gilgamesh / Religion

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page paper comparing and contrasting religious views of the Sumerians as evidenced by the epic of Gilgamesh with religious attitudes in our own day. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 5 page paper which examines how religion and the knowledge of death influence the decisions an individual will make in their lives. The examination focuses on Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito by Plato, and Gilgamesh. Bibliography lists additional sources.

A 6 page paper which considers connections between the Medieval poem and Thomas’s consideration of “Astrology: Its Practices and Its Extent.” Bibliography lists three sources.

A 5 page essay that draws upon the Epic of Gilgamesh in order to discuss its implications in regards to Sumerian religion and how the gods were perceived. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 4 page essay that discusses the information can be inferred from Homer's Odyssey concerning the relationship of humanity with the gods. The writer argues that religion gave ancient peoples not only an explanation of natural phenomenon that would otherwise be inexplicable, but also a feeling of control towards fate. Examination of this epic ...

Corruption had infected all organizations, governmental, legal and ecclesiastical during the Dark Ages, and for this reason had become the subject of satire in medieval life. In The Pardoner’s Tale, Chaucer is contrasting the words spoken by the Pardoner by with the physical embodiment and actions of the Pardoner. jvAv0604

a 5 page paper. Using specific acts by Agamemnon and Achilles, the writer demonstrates how the actions are more in line with a democracy than an autocracy. The acts are Agamemnon's taking of Achilles' girl captive, Achilles refusal to continue fighting and calling an assembly and Agamemnon's subsequent apology. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An 8 page research paper that examines the roots of Eugene O'Neill's monumental trilogy of plays, Mourning Becomes Electra, which goes deep into the literature of ancient Greece. The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus created a monumental trilogy of plays that relate the story of the house of Atreus. These plays are collectively entitled Oresteia. ...

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