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The Power of Myth: The Monomyth

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A 5 page paper which examines Joseph Campbell’s notion of monomyth as seen in his work The Power of Myth. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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ideals concerning myth. Campbell brings many traditions together in order to make sense of what myth, and the mythical individual, is all about, creating something of a formula for myth as well as the hero. The following paper examines the concept of the monomyth as seen in Campbells work. The Power of Myth: The Monomyth It appears as though the word monomyth was not a word used in Campbells work and is really a term used in relationship to what Campbell speaks of in relationship to the heros journey. One author notes, for example, "Joseph Campbell defined a classic sequence of actions that are found in many stories. It is also known as the Monomyth, a term Campbell coined from James Joyces Finnigans Wake" (, 2008). It is actually a term that Campbell used in another of his works, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces." But, it in The Power of Myth he illustrates many elements of this monomyth without actually using the word. In The Power of Myth Campbell (1988) notes that stories of heroes in mythology are numerous "Because thats whats worth writing about. Even in popular novels, the main character is a hero or heroine who has found or done something beyond the normal range of achievement and experience" (123). They are individuals who have ultimately given themselves to something that is larger than themselves. The journey of a hero will start, as one author notes, with a call to some sort of adventure and "The first section of the story is about the separation of the hero from the normal world. Separation has symbolic echo of infant transition away from the mother and so has a scary feel to it" (, 2008). In Campbells (1988). words the adventure of the hero will begin ...

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