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Religion in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

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A 3 page paper which examines how religious the people were in medieval times based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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of years ago it is still a work that is very relevant and also very informative regarding the history of the common people during medieval times. Chaucers Canterbury Tales speaks of relationships, commerce, politics, education, marriage, and religion, to name but a few of the topics one could explicate within his work. The following paper examines how religious medieval society appears to be through reading Canterbury Tales. Religion in Chaucers Canterbury Tales Perhaps one of the most important things to realize as it relates to Canterbury Tales and medieval society was the event of the Black Plague, or the Black Death. People all across Europe were devastatingly affected by this plague in many ways. An astronomical amount of people lost their lives, their loved ones, and perhaps most importantly, much of their faith. For many it was as though God had ultimately abandoned them and proved that he was not overly concerned with humanity, which essentially led many to hold a philosophy of living as fully as possible for tomorrow something like the plague could happen again. As such religion held far less sway in how people conducted themselves during the medieval times, and Chaucers work clearly demonstrates this. Throughout Chaucers work there is a great deal of cheating going on. There are people who lie to get what they want, people who have sex outside of their marriage, and ultimately there is very little in the way of punishment for such transgressions. There is, however, still a sense of humility and humanity about the people but it seems to have little to do with religious beliefs. For example, one story, The Franklins story, is about a man and woman who are in love, married, and who are parted. The woman makes an agreement with a man ...

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