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This 8-page paper examines literature pertaining to organizational pschology techniques and their applicants. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

This 10 page paper reports the findings in six different studies concerned with mood and thought disorders. Specifically, articles on obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression disorder, and phobias were reviwed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

4 page review of a journal article in which the authors attempt to determine whether or not the fact that a subject has some memory/stored familiarity of an object will affect how much visual/spatial attention they inherently give it. Various parts of the study are analyzed and critiqued. Citation not available.

3 page review of a journal article in which the authors attempt to determine whether or not planning can be genuinely treated as a personality trait. Various parts of their study and conclusion are analyzed. Full citation not available.

4 pages reviewing a journal article that examines the cultural differences between Europeans and Japanese and their relation to spontaneous causal attributions. The point is made that the disparities between these two cultures causes each of them to behave a bit differently. Attributional theory inherently dictates that Western-Europeans tend to think rationally while the ...

A 3 page review of an article from The Journal of Interpersonal Violence discussing the prevention of psychological maltreatment of children. The authors' study is evaluated and briefly critiqued. Full Citation Information Is Available.

Detailed 4 page review of a journal article entitled 'The Influence of affect on the achievement and behavior of students with learning disabilities' in which the writer discusses various sections and the ultimate implications of the study conducted. Full citation information not available.

3 page review of journal article dealing with the attitudinal problems often exhibited between peers when one has a disruptive behavior disorder. All major aspects of the study are evaluatively discussed. Full citation for article is provided.

3 page review and discussion of a journal article in which the authors seek to determine factors relevant to the development of both reference and working spatial memory in pre-school aged children. Citation information not available.

3 page review of a journal article whose author attempts to resolve not only what circumstances cause implicit memory; but what psychological tensions need it and maintain it. Full citation information is not available.

A 4 page summary and critique of a research study reported in the American Psychologist journal. This reviewer offers a synopsis of the study and findings of the researchers then takes issue with the manner in which the research is reported, e.g., the hypothesis is not clearly stated confusing the reader. The purpose of the ...

4 page review of a journal article examining whether or not the social skills and perceptions of parents as well as family interactions might have something to do with a child's own social development. Full citation information is unavailable.

4 page review of a journal article review studying reaction times and intelligence in Korean children. One of several points built upon is that people who react more quickly to simple tasks have higher intelligence quotients. Citation information is not unavailable.

4 page review of an article from Adolescence assessing patterns of behavior from a social perspective. Building upon theoretical models which assert that demographic factors influence behavior, the author of this particular article presents a well-researched essay outlining the importance of previous studies and contemporary analyses. Full citation provided.

2 page discussion of a World Press Review article in which the writer highlights some of the important responsibilities that psychologists face with regard to victims of sexual abuse, suppressed memories, etc; Citation information included.

A 5 page paper. Two articles discussing multiple personality disorder/ dissociative identity disorder are compared and contrasted. The focus is on treatment of this disorder. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 5 page review of The New Paradigm Wars: Is There Room for Rigorous Practitioner Knowledge in Schools and Universities?. Authors Anderson and Herr present the arguments for and against practitioner research. This essay reviews their article and offers some opinions about practitioner research. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 5 page critique of a journal article entitled Children's Dreams by John B. Murray, which is about sleep and dreams. This essay provides a synopsis of the article and then a critique discussing the value of the article as well as the shortcomings of it. Bibliography lists 1 source.

This 3 page paper is an analysis of an article that describes a study done with HIV/AIDS patients and how the uncertainty of their illness affected their communications. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A Mind Taut with Pain

  • 3 page paper

This 3 page paper reviews and assesses an article supplied by the student. The article is written by a sufferer of a schizoaffective disorder who attempts to describe the way that the illness impacts the state of mind.

This 3 page paper provides an article summary for this piece written about the rise in importance of the DSM. The life and work of Robert Spitzer is highlighted. No additional sources cited.

A 3 page paper. The brief synopsis of each article is provided followed by comments about the usefulness of the article to counselors. One article addresses multicultural competency instruments, the other addresses the use of response-to-intervention assessments to diagnose disabilities. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

An eight page paper which looks at the way in which gender differences and cultural constraints influence individuals’ selection of their partners, and how much significance is attached in different societies to factors such as physical attractiveness, intelligence, social status and other salient elements. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

This 5 page paper provides an overview of an article on the impact of gender and family environment on the risk for developing eating disorders. This paper integrates a view of the central factors presented in this research article, including the hypothesis, the procedures or methods, and the statistical comparisons utilized to support the ...

This 5 page paper looks at the research which has been conducted in Europe regarding non-verbal communication. This includes children and adults as well as different genders. The finding appear to indicate that there are cultural differences, but that these are not the only differences to be found. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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