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6 pages in length. Specifically titled : "A.C. Bradley Vs. S.T. Coleridge : A Difference of Opinions Concerning the Character of Iago in Shakespeare's "Othello."" The writer of this essay analytically compares the opinions of two well-known critics on Iago's character. The two sources utilized are fully-cited in bibliography.

A 3 page outline in which the writer analytically examines the character of Iago as a mystifying and complex individual. Written mostly in outline format. No Bibliography.

A 6 page paper which first defines tragedy and demonstrates how Shakespeare's Othello fits the pattern, then looks at the play in terms of its classic dramatic structure. After discussing what type of action belongs in each phase of the dramatic structure -- setup, complication, climax, and resolution -- the paper shows where these occur ...

A 5 page paper that provides an overview of the major elements of irony in Shakespeare's Othello, with a concentration on tragic irony related to Othello's character flaw, and dramatic irony. No additional sources cited.

A 3 page essay on the play 'Othello' and how it related both to Shakespeare himself and to the Renaissance period. Examples of themes introduced in the story are used to illustrate how Othello was both a hero and outsider... different, yet acceptable, -- and thus, an exemplary figure from Renaissance literature. Bibliography lists 4 ...

A 3 page essay, -- using quotes from the original play-- which describes Shakespeare's 'Othello' as a work typical of the Renaissance's emphasis on humanism. The writer discusses the development of Othello's character and the underlying themes of outsider prejudice which run throughout the story. No Bibliography.

In Defense of Othello

  • 7 page paper

A 7 page report that analyzes the nature of Othello, the main character in Shakespeare's famous tragedy of the same name. The rationale behind Othello's brutal murder of his wife, Desdemona, is examined from the psychological and sociological perspectives. Bibliography lists 7 cited sources.

A 9 page essay in which the writer takes the position that Othello was an honest, noble, brave man accustomed to straightforwardness. Given his background, he was easily fooled by the manipulative Iago. His innocence of the world is to be respected rather than criticized. Othello had no way of knowing about women and domestic ...

An 8 page paper (+ 1 page Roman numeral outline) which provides support of an argument on the modulations of jealousy in William Shakespeare's Othello, and how it emerged from the action at the beginning, and was subsequently expressed in the middle and at the end of the play. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 6 page paper examining Shakespeare's life and career and discussing how his life events impacted his writing. It also looks in particular at one of Shakespeare's mature tragedies, Othello, and determines how the characterizations introduced in the first act drive the remainder of the play. The original Shakespearean play and Orson Welles' film version ...

This 6 page research paper charts the spiritual disintegration of Othello in the Shakespearean play, The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

In 5 pages the writer discusses William Shakespeare's character of Othello and posits that he is a classic example of a definitive tragic hero. Othello is a definitive tragic hero. He has an element of supernatural, since he was accused of bewitching. He traveled and had many struggles. He had personal grievances ...

This 5 page research paper examines the use of symbolism in the Shakespearean play, The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice through use of examples and quotes. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

An 8 page paper that reflects a comparison of the characters of Iago, Othello and Desdemona in the movie adaptations of Othello, including those by Parker, Suzman and Welles.

A well-written 3 page essay in which the writer compares Iago and Edmund as two villainous characters-- neither of them at all admirable. Parallels are drawn between the two and sufficient evidence is given to support the thesis that we should not sympathize with either one of them. No Bibliography.

7 pages worth of short answer responses to questions on Shakespeare's "Othello" including character discussions of Dedemona, Othello, and Iago. Insightful observations are made. No Bibliography.

A 1 page essay discussing how Othello's last words in the play indicate the he was indeed the same man he had been at the beginning of the story -- his character unchanged. The writer sees Othello as a character worthy of our sympathy-- for he acknowledges his own mistakes & flaws as he takes ...

In 5 pages, the author compares the Willow scene in three versions of Othello, Act IV, Scene 3, by using the version by William Shakespeare, the version by Rossini and Verdi's version for the comparisons. No additional sources cited.

A five page paper illustrating the manner in which Shakespeare used the characterization of his protagonist to inevitably unfold the plot. The paper asserts that much as we would like to believe that Othello’s life would have been just fine without Iago, in truth it was Othello’s terrible personal insecurity, together with a nature more ...

A seven page paper analyzing Shakespeare’s use of language in this classic play. The paper shows how “good” characters tend to speak in iambic pentameter and “evil” ones in prose, and demonstrates that as his character degenerates, Othello’s verse style becomes increasingly more prosaic. Bibliography lists nine sources.

A five page paper looking at these two works by William Shakespeare and Toni Morrison respectively, dealing with their treatment of social issues such as racism, both in the Elizabethan era and today. The paper shows that what the two protagonists have in common is the degree to which they have internalized their society’s racist ...

The Character Of Iago

  • 5 page paper

The Hyena is an interesting animal with a terrible reputation. On the surface, he is just another carnivorous animal, one among many who must hunt for the basics of their survival. It may be difficult to understand why - exactly, the hyena is thought to be a dirty, disgusting and abominable creature until one reads Othello by William ...

A 5 page analysis of Shakespeare's 'Othello,' in which the writer examines the way in which Iago corrupts and destroys the love of Othello and Desdemona. The writer argues that Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona's betrayal by reconstructing reality and thereby distorting Othello's perception. No additional sources cited.

5 pages in length. In the comedies, appearances and reality are manipulated for comic effect; in "Othello," the audience is presented with the tragic implications of being in a world where appearances are at odds with reality. One can readily surmise that this aspect is particularly apparent, inasmuch as Iago is a villain ...

A five page paper looking at this play by William Shakespeare in terms of two factors which cause modern readers some difficulties: feminism and religion. Specifically, Shakespeare's presentation of female submissiveness versus female autonomy, and traditional Christianity versus humanism, reflect a society which is much different than ours. Bibliography lists five sources.

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