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A 6 page essay exploring how the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead reflects specific aspects of life: 1. humans as social animals and 2. how the individual finds his or her place in society. The confusions and feelings of what am I doing here and why am I doing it are emphasized.

Comic Relief in Hamlet

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page paper in which the writer identifies several comic scenes in Hamlet, demonstrates how Shakespeare was able to weave humor into this very heavy play, and discusses what this interplay of humor and melancholy says about Shakespeare's own philosophy. No additional sources cited.

A 9 page paper which first defines the classic dramatic structure and then demonstrates how Shakespeare's Hamlet fits the pattern. After discussing what type of action belongs in each phase of the dramatic structure -- setup, complication, climax, and resolution -- the paper shows where each of these occurs in Hamlet. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 4 page essay on the famous speech and its relationship to Hamlet's actions throughout the play. The writer details the similarities to other sentiments expressed by Hamlet, the words and images themselves, and the character traits that Hamlet exhibits in this speech. No additional sources cited.

This 5 page research paper examines the opening lines of Hamlet's famous soliloquy, 'To Be or Not to Be' to determine why those particular words are featured in Shakespeare's play. Specifically discussed are what the impact of this phrase on the scenes which follow. Bibliography lists 1 source.

A 4 page paper analyzing the strange conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia right after his famous soliloquy. It shows how he is no longer seeing Ophelia as the girl he courted but as a representative of the female sex -- of which his treacherous mother is also a part. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 5 page paper which examines the characterization of Ophelia as the innocent victim who has become a pawn in games of madness and revenge in William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, specifically concentrating on Act II, Scene ii and Act III, Scene i.

A 5 page paper which examines the characterization of Ophelia as an amoral girl who affirms Prince Hamlet's mistrust of all women in William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, specifically concentrating on Act II, Scene ii and Act III, Scene i.

A 5 page paper looking at the way the personality traits and behavior of these two characters in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' emphasize those of Hamlet himself through contrast. The paper concludes that Hamlet as dependent on the opinions of others as Ophelia is, but neither is he as decisive as Laertes. No additional sources.

A 5 page paper that examines the elements needed to produce a literary masterpiece. Included as examples are Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', Homer's 'Odyssey', and the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

In 5 pages, the author discusses Miranda of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and Ophelia of Shakespeare's "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark." At first glance, both Miranda from Shakespeare's "The Tempest," and Ophelia from " The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" appear to be peripheral and unsophisticated characters in plays that center on the ...

This 12 page paper provides some distinct answers to 12 questions about the nature of acting, including assessments of the variations between Mel Gibson and Kenneth Branaugh's interpretations of Hamlet and Paul Robeson's history of American acting. This paper outlines some major points to be used in response to the questions provided.

A 5 page paper on the very short passage in Act IV, Scene III of Hamlet, in which Claudius asks Hamlet what he has done with Polonius' body. It argues that Hamlet's strange responses address not only the location of the body, but Claudius' guilt for Hamlet's father's death. No additional sources cited.

A 4 page paper exploring the scene where Hamlet kills Polonius from a theatrical/ staging perspective. It discusses the gestures, tone, costuming, groupings, movements, and exits and entrances to show how best to enhance the scene's theme. No additional sources cited.

A 6 page explication of Claudius' significance in the play. Writer discuss the evolution of his character throughout the story, etc; Bibliography cites 4 outside sources.

A 5 page argumentative paper comparing and contrasting the characters of Claudius and Hamlet with specific emphasis on each of their moral values. Bibliography cites 5 supporting sources.

A 5 page essay on the role of Ophelia in "Hamlet." The writer explains how she is treated by other characters throughout the play and presents her as "the most innocent victim of Hamlet's revenge." Bibliography cites 5 supporting sources.

A well-developed 10 page paper tracing the mental changes Ophelia displays as she slowly goes mad during the course of the story. Bibliography lists 6 supporting/critical sources. FREE outline included with paper!

A 4 page report analyzing Hamlet's mother, Queen Gertrude. Married incestuously to Hamlet's uncle, who murdered his brother and then took his place both on the throne and in his bed, Gertrude's attitude toward Hamlet's accusations was along the lines of, 'What have I done?' Operating in total mental oblivion for most, if ...

This 4 page analysis explores this important character's psychological makeup, motivations and relationships as she is portrayed in the Shakespearian tragedy.

A 4 page essay that posits Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, has a goal for happiness and lives in denial of anything that interferes with that goal. Despite the fact, that she has a notion that her first husband's death and her hasty marriage to his brother is the reason for Hamlet's madness, she continues to ...

A good 5 page analysis of character in which the writer posits that Shakespeare's Hamlet, a character of tragedian proportions, wanted to die, but could not do so simply because he was put in the role of an avenger. Several direct quotes and plenty of analytical insight provided. No Bibliography.

A 10 page paper discussing why, although Shakespeare borrowed the basic plot line from older sources, Shakespeare's play is truly innovative. The paper puts forth the argument that Hamlet is too finely bred for the circumstances in which he finds himself and the role of avenger that his culture requires him to play, so he ...

A 9 page paper arguing that the reason we have so much difficulty analyzing the character of Hamlet is that the actors portraying him are too old. Hamlet, this paper suggests, is an adolescent trying to find himself, and seen in this light many of his peculiarities make sense. Bibliography lists 5 additional sources.

A 5 page paper on Hamlet's search for identity in Shakespeare's play. It shows that this search, which people are forced to undertake at adolescence and repeat over and over throughout their lives, becomes for them the ultimate cosmic question. No additional sources.

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