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This 8 page paper provides biographical information on a man who some say was the greatest coach who ever lived. A portrait of this football giant shows a picture of man immersed in the sport. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 6 page discussion of Baseball player Bob Gibson's career in sports, both as a hot-headed player and well-respected coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Bibliography lists 5 sources including the subjects' own autobiography.

This 5 page paper examines the phenomenon that sports and physical education has changed a great deal, particularly since the seventies. The psychological effects of competition are discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

7 pages on the psychology of coaching baseball. The paper, which describes what is involved in being a good coach today, is broken into five subsection. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A 5 page research paper discussing the defensive skills and strategies that can be used in coaching. The writer offers examples of skills or strategies to help in coaching, such as planning the class well, having a sense of humor, and improving communication skills. Bibliography is provided.

A 6 page paper on competitive interscholastic sports in which the writer looks at specific programs, the importance of good academic standing, certification of coaches, and whether or not we're doing a 'good job'-- of ensuring that school athletes also do well in their studies. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Cross Gender Coaching

  • 6 page paper

This 6 page argument takes the position that female coaches should not be hired for male teams. Reasons given include the use of Bandura's theory of self-efficacy which is illustrated with an example from the 1998 Winter Olympic games. Also included is a discussion of the psychological impact of locker room activity as well as ...

High School Basketball

  • 3 page paper

3 page review of a High School basketball game, its players, strength and weaknesses. Provides suggested strategy for beating the observed home team. Excellent for those studying coaching and related issues. No Bibliography.

Motor Imagery in Sports

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page research paper on how Mental Imagery, Mental Practice and Visualization are used in sports. The writer reviews the method, history, and empirical debates surrounding the issue. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 9 page discussion of the concept that winning is all that matters in sports. Clarifies that while winning is certainly an important concept in sports, it should not be regarded as being of primary importance. The author stresses that emphasizing winning as a primary goal sometimes results in unethical methods to accomplish that goal. ...

Coaching Burnout

  • 15 page paper

This 15 page paper looks at the topic of burnout with special emphasis as it applies to coaching. Definition of the concept is provided, along with methods of diagnosis. Solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

Philosophy and Coaching

  • 11 page paper

An 11 page paper which discusses various philosophical concepts in relationship to coaching sports. 1 page outline included. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

A 6 page paper discussing the role of government and coaches in French school sport. The government places a sport representative on staff at all public schools, and even private schools have athletic directors and compete with other private schools. French coaches have both academic and sport superiors, and they are expected to teach more to their ...

Vince Lombardi

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page biographical paper of the legendary football coach. Vince Lombardi is commonly assumed to have been a rigid autocrat determined that everyone associated with him conform to his way of thinking, but in reality Lombardi sought to encourage the view of order, rules and discipline as providing the true path to real freedom. He demanded ...

Phil Jackson: Coaching

  • 5 page paper

5 pages in length. Seven seasons as the coach of the Chicago Bulls basketball team and a winning season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson departed leaving an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, brotherhood, spirituality and encouragement. Clearly, the years Jackson spent with the Bulls pre-empted the teams entire philosophy about winning and ...

This 15 page paper provides a proposal for an experiment to prove the hypothesis, in addition to reviewing a great deal of research in the field. Literature pertinent to sports and gender relationships in general provide support for the thesis. Research which addresses female coaching specifically is also provided, inclusive of the psychological effects ...

A 7 page overview of the natural and synthetic sources of creatine. Notes the common utilization of the synthetic form of this substance as a dietary supplement by athletes. Emphasizes that while there are few reported negative physiological impacts of this practice, few studies have been completed in general. Urges that individuals ...

This 10 page report discusses the processes, bothe mental and physical, associated with an athlete’s recovery from an injury and his or her return to their sport. When a person is injured while participating in a beloved sport or in a way unrelated to sports but that curtails sports capabilities, it carries a level of fear that their injury will ...

An eight page paper which looks at the specific requirements of baseball with regard to the training and fitness programmes undergone by athletes and the way in which the management and balance of energy systems for baseball players is different from that of athletes who participate in other sports. Bibliography lists 6 sources

6 pages in length. Revered as one of the most influential sports leaders of all time, Vince Lombardi Jr. understood what it required to be number one, whether that meant on the football field or in life. Having completely turned around one of the worst teams in football – the Green Bay Packers ...

A 7 page discussion of Fiedler’s contingency model of leadership, a model which postulates that leadership effectiveness is based on “situational contingency”, i.e. that in order to be most effective the situation had to be favorable to the leadership style being utilized. The author contests some writers’ interpretation that Fiedler is contending that the ...

An 8 page overview of the philosophic process as it applies to such aspects of our daily lives as sports, ethics, and social responsibility. Defines the philosophic process as a quest for knowledge and ethical and moral justification in the choices we make in life. The author contends that it is a ...

This 6 page paper considers the ideal characteristics, physical and mental, of a rugby player and then compares the ideal with a fictional reality. The writer the considers how an intervention made be successful in improving performance. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

This is an 8 page paper discussing the various issues which surround player violence on and off the field. How players who have a history of violence are handled by their associations and their influences are discussed. Different types of player aggressive behaviour is categorize and applied to examples. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

This 10 page report discusses the ways in which nonverbal communication serves as an essential aspect of both coaching and officiating the sport of volleyball. The most effective and “proper” techniques and responsibilities of a line judge for the fast-paced game of volleyball involve specific signals, movements, and cues that allow officials to understand what ...

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