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This 3-page tutorial guides the student on how to write a science paper, more specifically, an abstract. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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is that of isopentyl acetate, also known as banana oil. Before actually developing a sample abstract for this paper, it might first be helpful to review the rudiments of writing a science paper. Science writing, it must be remembered, is a highly formalized method - writers of these papers must be to the point and brief (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). This is because the purpose of such a paper would be to allow the reader (typically another scientist) to repeat a specific experiment either in support of or refuting the evidence (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). In addition, a clearly written paper provides guidelines for related research (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). In addition, each component of the paper contains many labeled parts - the abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and references (or literature cited) (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). For purposes of this paper, well focus on the abstract. In its most basic form, the abstract is a summary of the paper (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). It allows the reader to know, at a glance, what the writer has done, how he/she as done it, and the conclusions. Because of this, the abstract of a science paper, although read first, is typically the last part to be written (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). The abstract serves another important purpose - it tells the reader whether it is worthwhile to read the entire paper (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). As such, the abstract should be brief as it describes the scope of the paper, summarizes the results and then explains the conclusions (Greeley Writing Manual, 2003). ...

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