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The Usefulness of IR Theory

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This 5 page paper presents several examples from real life--FDR's foreign policy and the situation in the Middle East--to explore two IR theories. Balance of power theory is discussed in depth. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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sometimes they are not. Still, in this global society, money and information are connected and flow freely (Porter, 2005). What one country leader says or does often affects another. That said, IR theory really has no significant tradition (Knutsen, 1997). Hence, its relevance is uncertain. Balance of Power Theory is something that suggests there are quick changes in international power and the status of states and people ("IR Theory Knowledge Base," 2006). However, this balance is something that is achieved by creating a reaction that helps to counterbalance actions ("IR Theory Knowledge Base," 2006). This sense of balance assists in the maintenance of stability as it respects relationships between states ("IR Theory Knowledge Base," 2006). Sometimes, an individual state will play the "balancer" role but there is sometimes a shift in support ("IR Theory Knowledge Base," 2006). In respect to international integration theory, this refers loosely to a classical concept of integration theory that is rarely used. In one book on the European integration, it is noted that there is classical integration theory as well as new related approaches such as rational choice, hegemonic stability and regime analyses (Laursen, 1995). In IR theory, it seems that integration is discussed mostly in terms of European integration that occurred during the middle of the twentieth century. Although a theory titled integration theory exists, there is only scant mention of it, and it is seemingly just a footnote related to ideas to come from the 1950s and 1960s. That said, integration theory is also related to functionalism. Functionalism was born of the integration in Europe and this theory focuses on what happens as being tied to common interests that the states possess ("Functionalism in international relations," 2006). This theory is aligned with the notion that "the collective governance ...

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