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The Structure of Governmental Institutions in England

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5 pages. This informative paper details the structure of the governmental institution in England and the nature of royal power. There are changes that have taken place within the last century of Anglo-Saxon history and these changes are discussed as they pertain to the parliamentary rule in England. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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history and these changes are discussed as they pertain to the parliamentary rule in England. GOVERNMENT IN ENGLAND World War II began on Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany attacked Poland without so much as a declaration of war. Two days later, France and Britain invaded Germany, prompting all those of the Commonwealth of Nations, minus Ireland, to join the battle. Poland, who was no match for Germanys fighting technology, was crushed in a relatively short amount of time. On the other front, the French and British stood their ground behind the Maginot Line barricading them from German naval invasion. The United States did their best to stay out of World War II, but there came a point when they could turn their heads no more. Britain needed help to avert a total collapse; President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill drew up the Atlantic Charter in 1941 to prevent this from occurring. This decision indeed had solid backing from the American people. It was at this point that Britain made the transformation from cabinet government to prime ministerial government, establishing such drastic changes that have had myriad influence upon its political system ever since. "Ministers from the soft left have taken the hardest route" (Richards, 1997, 34). The factors most important in the determination of how valid this form of government had come to be in the late 1990s have been characterized as being both visionary (Thatcher) and weak (Major). "Are Britons expecting too much? Perhaps. After all, Thatcher, in her 11-year prime ministership, finally fell from grace for seeming too visionary: too driven by her laissez-faire, nationalist ideology. Now they are being faulted for not being messiahs. People have been ready to pounce on Major for whatever he does" ...

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