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The Importance of International Law in Business

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This 7 page paper considers the influence and scope of international law in the commercial environment. The paper looks at the ways common an civil law concerning the formation of agreements and the resolution of disputes, issues of jurisdiction and the controls that are exercised over business operations and strategy. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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of system that can enforce the agreements. Without this there will be distrust and danger with parties to agreements changing their minds. In the past there were differing methods of enforcing agreements at different levels, in some cases this would include violence and war, otherwise tools such as duels would be fought or appeals to an appropriate authority who had power of the other party would be made. Today international law may be seen as important in many aspects of the business environment, looking at the way they conduct themselves in forming and enforcing contracts internationally, how they may need to deal with other countries jurisdiction and the way in which what they can and cannot do in terms of usual business practice are all influenced and controls by international laws. Today, with a complex system of law and legal tools agreements, or contracts, this international legal system is in place as a result of economic necessity and has been developed with the use of custom and common law as well as civil law. To look at the role and place of custom in terms of international law we first need to define what we mean by custom. This may be seen as a pattern of behaviour that has developed and been established and is capable of being verified in a particular context (Ivamy, 2000). Today there are many forms of custom. There are two main forms of customs; general customs, which is also the practice of common law, and particular custom, where there may be a specific pattern that applies only to one area of law or geographical area (Ivamy, 2000). The determination of custom on national law is simple, the use of case law and the development of ...

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