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The Chemistry of Water

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A 6 page description of water. The author details the chemical structure of water and how this structure determines its behavior in response to temperature and in response to other substances. A brief history on temperature measurement with specifics of the distinction between the Fahrenheit scale, the Celsius scale, and the Kelvin scale is provided as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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All life forms are dependent on water. The human body itself is predominantly composed of water. As basic as it is to our needs, water is quite complex from a chemical standpoint. It is that chemical complexity, however, that makes water so critical from a biological standpoint. Molecularly water is quite simplistic. One oxygen atom is covalently bound to two hydrogen atoms. The pair of shared electrons and two pairs of unshared electrons characterize the molecule make the molecule a polar molecule, i.e. its electron density is unevenly distributed around the oxygen atom. The molecule is positively charged on the side with the hydrogen atoms and negatively charged on the side with the oxygen atom. The two sides attract one another and draw the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom together into the hydrogen bonds. This bond is interesting in that it determines many aspects of waters behavior. When subjected to freezing temperatures, for example, water molecules spread further apart and some of the hydrogen bonds are released. This quality allows ice to float, a very interesting characteristic given that most often things that are in a solid state are denser than when they are in a liquid state and more often sink than float. In extremely high temperatures (when compared to other substances at least) both hydrogen bonds break and water takes a gaseous form. This occurs only at high temperatures because it takes so much energy to break the hydrogen bonds. The fact that petroleum-based products and other substances that contain carbon and hydrogen float on top of water rather than distributing evenly into it is also atributable to ...

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