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The Biology and Ethics of Human Cloning

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This 9 page paper provides an overview of cloning in general and then goes into political, moral and social implications of human cloning. Both sides are explored, but the paper supports the concept of human cloning. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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has been an idea that has a basis in science fiction. Yet, with a long history of cloning less complex living things, and the emergence of Dolly as a new scientific icon, one has more reason to believe that human cloning will in fact become a reality. There is much to debate about, but by and large, the ethical questions faced by those who support cloning and those who oppose it are much like debates about many other things pertinent to human life. From the death penalty to abortion, many people have deep religious beliefs that prohibit them from experimenting or altering human life. In fact, many Catholics hold that even birth control is a man made intervention that is not sanctioned by God. While the ethical implications of cloning go beyond mere allegiance to self as opposed to God--as there are true medical concerns--the reasons not to go forward are fear based. One can imagine that if the Wright brothers thought of everything that could go wrong on their first flight, there would be no air travel today. Whenever one gets into an automobile they are exposing themselves to a potential accident. Elective surgery has all the risks of necessary surgery, but is it ethical to go ahead and risk the life of an individual who just wants a nose job? In any event, the same criteria should apply to cloning. Human cloning can contribute a great deal of benefits to the populous and while there is risk involved, it is really just fear holding scientists back. Certainly, scientists ought to forge ahead. Likely, they will. The history of biotechnology tells a tale that is replete with promise. Murphy & Perrella (1993) explain that biotechnology seems to be forging ahead with a sudden new biological revolution. It is something ...

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