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This 5 page paper gives a brief biography of Stan Berenstain (the man behind the Berenstain bears); a summary of one of the books; and argues that his life did impact his writing. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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much impact his life had on his writing. Discussion Stan Berenstains full name is Stanley Melvin Berenstain, and he was born in Philadelphia September 29, 1923 (Martin, 2005). When he was a youngster he demonstrated his artistic talent "by painting a huge, utterly unappreciated boxing mural on the living room wall" (Martin, 2005). He met Janice Grant, whom he would later marry, when they were both art students at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art (Martin, 2005). During WWII, Berenstain worked as "an artist in the Army, doing detailed drawings of new plastic surgery procedures for facial wounds" (Martin, 2005). In his spare time he drew cartoons as well; selling them to magazines brought in a small additional income (Martin, 2005). At the end of the war Berenstain returned to Jan Grant, who had been working as a riveter; they were married April 1, 1946 (Martin, 2005). It appears that they were a successful team from the first, developing a "thriving enterprise" by working together on "cartoons and cover illustrations and selling them to magazines like Colliers and The Saturday Evening Post Martin, 2005). They did a "long-running family humor feature" called "Its All in the Family," first for McCalls and later for Good Housekeeping (Martin, 2005). The inspiration for their childrens books appears to have been the birth of their son Leo; when he was born, the Berenstains "prepared a book called Berenstains Baby Book," which was the first of approximately 70 cartoon books that they eventually did (Martin, 2005). In the early 1960s, their sons Leo and his brother Michael made their parents aware of the Dr. Seuss books, and with that as inspiration, the Berenstains decided "to do something similar that would feature bears," partly because it seemed that bears would be easy to draw (Martin, ...

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