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A 10 page paper discussing adolescence in general. By far, the teen years are not all doom and gloom unless people around the teen attempt to make them that way, but by the same token, adults have no reason to tell teens that life never improves. Finishing up with the hormone wash and ...

A 17 page paper discussing influences on the development of identity and self-concept during adolescence. Numerous theorists and related studies are cited. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

A 5 page analysis of research conducted by Enright, et al (1987) that proposes that the theories of psychologists, which relate how adolescents are perceived is, in several historical eras, directly related to the economic conditions of that time. The writer relates this to present day theory. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Adolescent Self-Esteem

  • 6 page paper

A 6 page research paper that examines the topic of female adolescent self-esteem. The writer analyzes an article from Cosmopolitan magazine and then relates it to various research articles that relate scientific data on adolescent self-esteem and how it affects identity development. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 5 page paper that deals with the issues facing counseling psychologists who counsel adolescent homosexuals. The paper discusses the issues facing the adolescents and gives the psychologist background research on a few of these issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

5 pages in length. There can be no argument surrounding the fact that family dynamics -- that is the interaction patterns between members, as well as the manner in which the family functions together -- are influential with regard to adolescent psychological development. Two articles clearly depict the association between family life and ...

9 pages in length, this essay discusses the meaning of humanity and explores the origin of bias and prejudice between human races. Included are discussions of the black experience in America and a comparison between the bias and prejudice experienced by African-Americans and Asian-Americans. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper, broken into three sections, talks about different theories concerning family relationships. Concepts such as equifinality, multiple levels of understanding, interdependency, and enmeshment, are included along with a variety of models on this subject. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Personal Disguise

  • 7 page paper

A 7 page paper which discusses the experience of using a disguise, in relationship to pretending to be someone one is not. The situation is one where the writer illustrates a period in time, during late teen years, when the role of 'bad boy' was attempted. The reasons behind this and the experiences with such ...

A 5 page look at adolescent depression and its links with adolescent suicide. Concludes that although depression sometimes leads to suicide, it seldom does so in the absence of some psychopathological factor which makes the individual exhibit suicidal tendencies. Suggests the problem is a complex one and not one for self-styled preventions and ...

A 6 page research paper that examines some of the latest research being done relative to treating depression in adolescents and children. The writer argues that this research shows a connection between aggression, suicidal behavior, and depression in some individuals. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An in-depth 6 page analysis of child & adolescent suicide based upon research. Using journal references, the paper cites various theories, statistics, and so forth to detail the causal motivational factors behind childhood suicide. 11 items referenced in bibliography.

gender issues, physical developmental stage (age), cognitive stage, socioeconomic status, the family make-up and dynamics, educational issues, the school environment, interrelationship with peers and religious beliefs and involvement. This 8 page paper explores the developmental processes of the adolescent age group, the motivations behind suicide attempts and the prevention programs aimed at reducing the ...

This 9 page paper reports the results of four studies, each of which focused on a different aspect of intimate family relationships and adolescent development. The studies focused on: responsibility-taking, self-esteem development, predicting the amount of intimate family time and gender differences. Each researcher reached similar conclusions, one of which belies the adage that parents ...

This 10 page paper considers the issue of teen suicide and the problem for one specific community. This paper suggests that increasing suicide rates in recent years and the reflections in the current literature for a variety of reasons behind this shift has created an impetus for an educational response to the problem. ...

This 6 page research paper reports on the correlation between depression and suicide rates of young adults, primarily between the ages of 15 and 24. Suicide is on the rise across the world; the question is why are so many young people taking their own lives. The causes as identified in the literature are discussed; ...

A 9 page paper discussing appropriate research design for application to adolescent suicide prevention programs. Report includes review of professional literature and research design hypothesis related to the subject. Bibliography lists more than two dozen sources.

A 10 page paper discussing current social research and the views presented in the popular press in light of the legal aspects of divorce. Among legislators and researchers, there is nearly as much debate now over the effects of divorce on children as there was in the 1970s. Research design has changed and ...

Children & Divorce

  • 5 page paper

A 5 page research report examining the detrimental effects that divorce often has on children and adolescents. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

A 5 page paper discussing divorce and its effects on children. Specifically contrasts the differences between its effect on younger children and on adolescents. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

7 pages examining relationships with parents after divorce. Paper is based on arguments made in two pertinent journal articles- each of which are cited in bibliography.

This is a 5 page paper in which the writer examines the causes of juvenile delinquency and proposes some individual contributions which may diminish the problem. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to self-esteem, with a focus on such determinants as maternal relationships and sociological factors, and the negative repercussions of low self-esteem. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

A 10 page paper discussing the effect media depictions of role models have on adolescent girls. Bibliography lists 14 sources.

A 10 page research paper investigating the how the fashion industry portrays the ideal woman and the effect of this stereotypical image on girls and women. Research indicates the result is lower self-esteem and worse, eating disorders, when girls cannot achieve the image that is put forth as the ideal successful woman. Bibliography lists 7 ...

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