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This 5 page paper discusses the West Nile Virus, the effecits of the virus on the body, its spread, status of vaccines, and the biology of the virus. Information cited from experts in the field. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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way across the countryside and seems to become more prevalent each year. What exactly is the West Nile Virus? Where did it come from? In order to combat this virus, much more must be known about it. To date there are some facts and discoveries about the virus that are known, such as effects on the body, the biology of the virus, and the development of new treatments and vaccines. EFFECTS OF VIRUS ON THE BODY As of September of this year nearly 1300 cases had been reported across the country, which is more than triple the amount of reported cases from last year(Flatow 2002). Frightening still is the fact that experts at the Central for Disease Control in Atlanta do not know how the disease got onto American shores. They do know that it originated in New York and that the virus strain is similar to those found in the Middle East. Immediately, when one mentions the words middle east one has to wonder about biological warfare. "Theres absolutely no evidence now that the virus was put here by bioterrorism," said Dr. Lyle Peterson, deputy director of the Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, "but its something certainly that cant be ruled out either"(Flatow, 2002). The pathogen, Peterson explains, can cause swelling in the brain which can lead to convulsions, comas, and paralysis. This most often happens in infected people of advanced age, though horses, dogs, and birds have been reported with the disease. Dr. Peterson states that for most people who are infected, there is very little reaction by the body to let the person know that what they have is anything more than a minor case of hayfever or common cold. What is interesting to ...

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