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IT Applications for Small Business or Small Offices of Large Organizations

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A 4 page paper discussing two minicases from "Information Technology for Management" (Turban, et al., 2007): Verizon's use of Rizio to offer small business customers integrated IT applications and UNICEF's implementation of a global IT system. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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the Web to Offer Big Benefits for Small Business 1) In what ways might IT strategy and alignment differ for small businesses as opposed to that of larger organizations? Cost can be everything to small business, which needs and can benefit from the advantages that proprietary IT systems can offer but often cannot afford to secure such systems for themselves. Though small business can benefit from the tracking advantages that IT offers, it may not have the means of gaining that benefit for itself. Additionally, small business owners and managers tend to wear many "hats" and may be unable to take advantage of the minute reporting that IT systems can provide. Whereas a larger business likely will want finer detail, the small business may want little besides the business bottom line. 2) What are some of the major challenges for aligning IT in a small organization? A very small business is not likely to have an IT "department" through which all IT decisions and training travel. The total cost of a dedicated system for any task is substantial, but the small business may not have employees who are adept at using IT systems that mimic those used in large companies. Small businesses typically do not have resources to pay employees who are not directly involved in revenue-producing activities. 3) What are some of the pros and cons of using large providers to meet the IT needs of small business customers? Likely the greatest advantage to the small business is that its IT needs are being supplied by a vendor whose primary business is IT and meeting the needs of small business. One of Rivios current activities ...

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