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A 6 page paper assessing the statement, "Strict government regulations are necessary to make companies behave ethically." The bottom line on ethical corporate behavior as it relates to government regulation is that the government provides impetus for change and often establishes minimum standards. The private sector extends those standards. Government does not need to be closely involved in corporate activity, but strict regulation does push the corporate entity off the block to make gains in ethical behavior. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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"evil corporation" - the one seeking highest profit regardless of the cost and caring nothing about the consequences of its actions - has fallen out of favor in many respects in todays environment, primarily because those most opposed to corporate activity have come to realize that without it there are no jobs, no luxuries for most and little leisure time. Though some academics and many self-important bureaucrats want to believe that government must protect individuals from the ravages of commerce, market forces exercise consumer revenge on unfair or unethical businesses. Where practices are not so obvious, however, government intervention creates a positive force. The purpose here is to evaluate the statement, "Strict government regulations are necessary to make companies behave ethically." Long-Term Benefits Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and President of the European Association for Environmental Management Education Dr. Wim Hafkamp is a Dutch citizen, an economist by training and an environmentalist by avocation (Bookmark, n.d.). He has been involved with the Dutch government and the European Union for years, and he has very specific ideas on the role that government regulation plays in the manifestation of ethical corporate behavior. When the government of the Netherlands began requiring businesses to improve the environmental footprint they left in the wake of conducting their businesses, they complained about costs; additional labor involved; negative effects on business; and other routine objections to environmental regulation. After a period of respite the Dutch government issued a statement of recommendation; Dutch businesses fell in line right away. Professor Hafkamp says that businesses behavior was baffling to the government, so much so that government asked businesses why they had been ...

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