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Comparative Analysis of Major World Religions

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This 7 page analysis discusses major religions and philosophies of the world and compares them with Judeo-Christian beliefs (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam are included in the discussion). Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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doctor, this book propelled a Judeo-Christian population to explore things such as karma and the law of pure potentiality. While Chopra did not make this up, he found a way to bring Eastern philosophy into Western culture, explaining how these concepts could apply to modern American life. This proved to be a successful venture. No matter how much Judeo-Christian culture encompasses the notion that Buddhism is about worshiping other gods and is in conflict with their belief systems, they embraced a little book and unknowingly practiced another form of religion that they verbally shunned. Interestingly, Buddhism does not see the conflict and believes that the two philosophies may co-exist. What is interesting also is that there are more similarities between Buddhism and Christianity than differences. This paper will discuss similarities and differences among several religions. In addition to Buddhism, Mohammedan and Hinduism will be discussed all in comparison with Judaism and Christianity. Christianity is essentially a sect of Judaism. Judaism is based on the Old Testament and does not recognize the New Testament that names Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Similarly, Islam is also a sect of Judaism, but instead of Jesus Christ as their leader, Muhammad is considered a messenger of God; instead of using the New Testament, the Quran establishes a set of beliefs and is the basis of the religion (Esposito). Hinduism is a bit more flexible. It "is best regarded as an umbrella-type word for the religious life which developed in India from about 2000 B.C. It covers the worship of gods and spirits of nature (Hunt)." Mahatma Gandhis life is an example of what it means to be a Hindu in the twentieth century. Buddhism embraces similar concepts but, unlike Hinduism, has a founder known as Guatama Buddha.In fact, Buddha grew up as a Hindu ...

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