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Community Involvement Versus Big Government Programs

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This 11 page paper examines social capital, and the role of community in the United States. Works like Putnam's Bowling Alone and Hillary Clinton's It takes a Village are used in the analysis. The paper argues both sides of the issue and concludes that both views are compatible and can be embraced in unison. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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other words, while many suggest leaving things to the community, or to the private sector, others have viewed this paradigm as ineffective. One obvious issue is poverty. While some suggest that such things can be handled by charities, as well as the idea that the private sector will be generous, others say that this is a ludicrous option. The state must step in and take care of those in need. At the same time, hard core liberals like Hillary Clinton contend "it takes a village" to do good. Children are not for people to raise alone, but require others--teachers, ministers, neighbors, leaders--to incorporate what they have to help. Of course, Hillary uses the village metaphor in quite a different way than the concept is intended, and this will be discussed later. Still, the "village" concept really goes to the heart of the community mentality. In some way, everything may be looked at in the context of the village or community versus bureaucracy, and with that a private sector versus public sector model. After all, everything that is done in the community can be conceived as small, private, personal and better than anything a giant bureaucracy can do. At the same time, or on the other hand, the giant bureaucracy has more money, more programs and reaches more people on a widescale basis. What is more is that the larger system not only reaches out to more people, it provides equity in a society that is divided by social class. After all, it is important to note that the nation has pockets of rich and poor and so, distributive methods that are large become desirable. It is nice if one rich man in one town decides to give back to the community, but what about the rest of the ...

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