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This 6 page paper provides an outline of a business plan as part of a critique of one submitted. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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comprehensive, comprehensible and professionally presented will save frustration and heartache later in the process. The business plan is meant for two audiences: the person planning the business and the potential investors. The owner to be will find that they learn a great deal about themselves, the business world and the business they are proposing in the process of writing a business plan. In looking over the business plan provided, the primary aspect that needs to be addressed is form. Generally, a business plan follows a very specific format, beginning with a title page that may or may not include the table of contents. Many people think that the title page looks more professional without the table of contents, in which case it follows the title page with the inclusion of the company heading. Think of the business plan as a resume for your business, only instead of employment you are looking for financing. What you want to do, first off, is to impress the potential investor. This is done by appearance. Never, NEVER, misspell words and always have some-one else read the plan before you submit it so that errors in grammar can be identified and changed as well as spelling. Use quality paper and printing facilities - it sounds a bit silly but it makes a difference on how the investors approach the request. So, the Title page will have the name of your business situated prominently, in bold type and in capitals: HOBBLE CREEK. (a suggestion? because you are looking at a retail venture, include the store name: HOBBLE CREEK FLY FISHING EMPORIUM). Go with a 14 point font or larger - just so it looks balanced on the page. Above the ...

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