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A 5 page analysis of Aaron Antonovsky's book Unraveling the Mystery of Health: how people manage stress and stay well. In this book, Antonovsky presents an alternative way of looking at health, which instead of emphasizing the origins of disease, takes a different stance, and focuses on how health can be maintained. No additional sources cited.

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a different stance, and focuses on how health can be maintained. Antonovsky demonstrates how the traditional model for health is rooted in the pathogenic paradigm. In other words, doctors are trained to look for and cure disease, not towards the maintenance of health. Antonovskys book describes how he moved beyond this model to formulate a totally separate model that is predicated on the concept of maintaining health. Antonovsky began to move toward his own model for health in the early 1970s, when he began to make a distinction between the study of diseases and of "dis-ease." In 1973, Antonovsky set up a department in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Beersheba, Israel and entitled it the "sociology of health." His concept went considerably further the biopsychosocial model of George Engel, which was being used at that time. The department that Antonovsky established was responsible for overseeing the training of nurses and medical student in what he called "generalized resistance resources," which means that these students were given in instruction in how to aid patients in handling stress related issues with competence and confidence. Of course, basic to Antonovskys model is the concept that disease often occurs in response to stress related events in life. Antonovsky suggests that a sense of coherence is an essential factor in the maintenance of health. In his "salutogenic model," Antonovsky hypothesized that people with a strong sense of coherence have the ability, first of all, to see life events as less stressful, which he refers to comprehensibility. When individuals see the world around them as comprehensible, they feel that it makes sense, that it possess some sort of structure and offers reassuring levels of predictability. Additionally, he theorized that these individuals are ...

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